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  1. Great progress team! Keep at it! Silence is fine by us.. focus on development
  2. Magnus, As someone acutely aware of some of the difficulties in what you are trying to achieve, I think you and the team have done a fantastic job. Unfortunately there are always some in our community that will find fault/issue with any path chosen. One thing you are guaranteed in this life is that you'll never have 100% of people like or agree with you, the trick I find is to not even engage. It's a fine line though... between engaging potential customers and fostering feedback and healthy discussion vs a developer "ignoring" the community. You guys have got a tough job, I am someone following the project very closely biding my time until VR makes the feature list well into the future. There is a number of us that can see the amazing work and this project coming together, from us, you have our thanks and we cannot wait to try it. Keep up the great work DJ
  3. Live saving so in the event of a sim crash you can restore your flight.
  4. Hi All, Fantastic work on what is, one of the best aircraft I have ever flown. Flying around the world for Worldflight has really made me appreciate the need for an autosave feature in the 737. Being able to save the panel state and FMC would be a real bonus as I like to think I do have a stable sim, however after 2-3 crashes live on stream and flying around the world, I really miss this feature. I do see a button on the EFB that mentions SAVE & LOAD AIRCRAFT STATE, If I could please suggest pushing it up the list of priority ? Love your work team ?
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