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  1. Just signed up with Threshold. Looks like a pretty cool sight. I have been flight simming for years. Since the the 90's. But then when FSX sold the rights to Lockheed, I thought there goes the neighborhood. If you wanted to use P3D, you had to sign an affidavit saying it was for training. Or something like that. I signed and downloaded the product. I get on P3D and I find myself in a cockpit of an F-35. Riiiiiiight ! I'm gonna train in an F-35. I've always liked to fly C-172. You had to download the Cessna to use it. P3D didn't offer in the default program. I never flew anything easier. When using FSX and before I always flew the airlines from airports coast to coast. Navigating with charts , VORS. SIDS & STARS. Two years ago I wanted a new PC for flight simming. I found a guy in South Carolina. I'm on the west coast. Michael Brown from X-Force PC's.I highly recommend. With that I bought my first copy of X-Plane. version 11. I couldn't the flight modeling of X-Force is. I no longer feel the Cessna 172 is easy to fly. Even more so with XPRealistic. Its worth the $19.00's. It took me several attempts just to get off the ground before I realized the centrifugal force of the prop always forces you to the left. Just like the actual real life 172 does until you compensate using foot pedals or the yoke to the right and easing the throttle slowly until reaching 55 knots. Love x-plane. Can't wait for Vulken to come out. Perhaps by the end of May 2020.
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