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  1. Elpromo

    Open doors in flight

    Thank you! It isn't really a big issue for me and probably for others, I just wanted to mention it!
  2. Hey Coop, just did a flight with the Acclaim and noticed that after stopping the engine and opening the doors they are even open when I replay the flight! Greets, Christoph
  3. Elpromo

    M20 Collection 3.0.2 Hotfix

    Didn't we have the same last Saturday??? ?
  4. O.K., now it works perfect. But didn't change anything. Weird!?
  5. Yesterday I noticed this issue when I wanted to fly a short trip to the next (about 55 miles) airport without a flightplan. The AP symbol shotly flashed but wasn't on. The servo switch was on, all worked well. Momentarily I'm a bit baffled! Will try again later!
  6. Hello, the AP in my Ovation II doesn't work.The Elevation trim is correct. Any idea? Greetings, Christoph

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