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    Hi, there it is my American Airlines Livery for JARDesign A320 CFM + PW N121UW ex US Airways. I redesigned the tail wing from zero with new and more real lines adding more details on it and also around the aircraft as well that I hope you can enjoy, I made from zero the Normal maps for each part of the aircraft, so now we get more real reflections games. Now we got windows and windshield color correction, also the wings with new details giving more close colors to a real A320, and I removed unnecessary rivets btw. This aircraft N121UW uses the cfm but I added the Neo configuration too, with new details and better textures materials for some parts on the engines and pylons so you can taste a preview of my upcoming NEO liveries. This is the first one of my 320 series, so stay tune for more if u like it, and follow me on instagram to see that’s next! --->> @raf_liveries <<--- Link to Donation and support (entirely voluntary!). paypal.me/rafliveries ————— I took and modified some base texture by Fscabral, so I recommend his work and credit to him. —————- Happy Flying!
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