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  1. Oh I did not know that, apologies.
  2. Nice job guys, beautiful cloud formations and diversity. Huge fps impact on 1080ti/ 7700K /32GB system unfortunatly. No shadows are casted on / in the cockpit and wings while in internal view. In external view shadows are darkening the plane and earths surface.
  3. Waiting to normalize? mmmm.... I never get things done by just waiting.
  4. I never used xenviro anymore since Enhanced Cloudscapes(+ reshade with RayTracing Gi from Pascal GLitcher) is doing the job reasonably well. The lighting with Xenviro is unmatched still. Any Xenviro update I see as a gift from now on. I enjoyed Xenviro a lot and it is time to move on.
  5. XPlane aircraft seem to fly more streamlined and maybe "on rails", the wind seems to have more grip on the fuselage, wereas the msfs2020 planes float more, less acurate and the ever present turbulance gets annoying after time. The planes all feel exactly the same, big or small. I read on some forum, the airplane code is axactly the same as fsx airplanes for mobile devices. But I hope serious modules from 3th parties will arive. Over all it feels more like an x box game then a sim. It has been hyped like the ultimate perfect sim with 100% authentic scenery, but it is far from that.........xp11
  6. At least you are transparant and consistent too....You came for the looks and now left XP11 for the looks. I came for the flight dynamics and systemsm, tried MSFS2020, and I'm back for the flight dynamics again. Uninstalled msfs2020, not worth allocating any diskspace.
  7. "So are you saying we will still have seasons, dynamic snow in Open GL? Or will we loose it completely? Seasons and Snow are the main reason that I was so thrilled with xEnviro. If I loose that then I will stop using xEnviro and move on. I hope this will not have to be the case" There are no alternatives to move on to, besides Enhanced CloudScapes which is rather limited, fps demanding and freeware and thus inconsistant in quality and releases. I 'd rather have towering high quality clouds and good FPS, even if it is in OPenGL, then snow and seasons.
  8. The Clouds in MSFS2020 are a bit underwhelming, specially when you are flying through clouds they don't cover your wings partially for instance. At horizon they flicker sometimes and are very edged as well. The overall lighting and bloom, specially on water, is beautiful though. All in all, MS2020 is not as overwhelming as the big you-tube fanboys (whores) do preach. I think Xenviro can do a better clouds job.
  9. Wow, this is very promising Such an unexpected surprise from out of no where.
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