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  1. Is it possible to store a few typical "preset weather" in the server, even if you want to use it, you need to access the network.This is the same as live weather, which also makes it easy for me to practice landing at a specific airport.
  2. The door is not in the right position. I used RGmod. When I looked at the SAM.log file, I found that it could not find the af file of Rgmod. 12:47:43 v: Loading aircraft.xml 12:47:43 i: No door location entry for 'b738.acf' - using datarefs instead
  3. Although a little disappointed. But I will patiently wait.For the weather plugin this will be revolutionary. Thanks for your work.
  4. Is this true? DEC 12 2018 : HOUSEKEEPING Getting everything ready to start the beta run. Cleaning up the code, fine tuning of the components, closing pending tasks. You may find that our change log gets updated almost daily. So I think I can see it soon, is it?Is it before Christmas? That would be a huge surprise!!!
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