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  1. One week later... (1) #BER4EVR - AirBerlin A330-200 with PW Engines (2) (3)
  2. i painted some liveries: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/search/&tags=pw mod
    as always, 5 stars! [edit: haha, forgot to count - 10 stars ] Great to see this engine variant in X-Plane 11! I made some liveries with the tag "pw mod" (for everone who's searching some): https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/search/&tags=pw mod
  3. Hmm, in general I wouldn't suggest you to purchase it. Yes, in Version 1.16 it's Vulkan compatible, but for me the frames are very low too. Dynamic snow and seasons isn't compatible with Vulkan. I'ld say it's not worth 70$. With weather radar I don't know, i didn't tested it yet. In the end it's your decision and maybe everyone has an other view about xEnviro.
  4. Has my last entry been deleted? Anyways, some more entries after one (or now two weeks, because of deleting the post). (1) Sunset out of Rio with heading to Frankfurt (2) Climbing out of Rio, passing FL080 and do some cloudsurfing (3) RNAV in Bogotá, very interesting approach
  5. I have to admit, that I wanted to mark them primarily, but after seeing the list with non-fictional, actual flying 744s, there's nearly no airline currently wich operates it...
  6. Default Laminar 747-400 compatible liveries All of these liveries should be compatible with default 747-400 and modifications like MSparks or Modified 747-400 . If a livery is missing, please comment below, I'll give my best to add it as fast as possible. Passenger liveries: Air Canada (C-GAGL) - by MB liveries Air China (B-2471) - by Coolbub123 Air France (F-GITE) - by chang Air India (VT-EVA) - by Vishnu Warrier Alitalia - by mob82 American Airlines (new) - by MB Liveries ANA (JA8958) - by matsu ANA (JA8961) - by
  7. RR Engines for default / msparks 747-400 would be nice! (for exapmle British Airways use RRs) Type: Rolls Royce RB211-524H
  8. New Year, new entries. I just updated xEnviro to version 1.16, looks in my opinion absolutely stunning! Thanks for the plugin! (1): early Cargoflight with SSG747-8Fv2 out of Cologne (EDDK) (2) : Loading Cargo in Cologne with a lovely cloud in the backround (3) : Passengers can't wait to board GOL 737-800
  9. Sadly i usually use xEnviro 1.13, because i want fly with reshade. But i have exyctly 2 screenshots with 1.14 :
    could you please maka a download with only ONE file? It#s not really possible to download it.
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