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  1. try changing your texture settings to all low, then restarting x-plane and then change the textures back to high. If you didn't have your texture setting on high, then that will happen.
  2. try the 747 or the C172. should fix it
  3. Yall better make sure the MCAS works right in this plane... we don't need another MAX8 crash
  4. I know water effects were already added, but when you are traveling at 350 knots and it’s raining, wouldn’t the water be moving backwards instead of just sitting there on the glass?
  5. finally... a dream of mine since XP11 came out might come true!
  6. whenever I load up in the Zibo 737-800, or the 737-900, the heading knob is missing, and some other buttons dont work. When I go to the plugin manager and disable Xlua, the knob reverts back to normal, but none of the buttons actually move. I've tried multiple fixes, but nothing seems to work.
  7. It would be cool if you could only control the lighting with the lighting control tablet in the cabin
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