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  1. Hello. I've noticed that the newly released 737-700 has an orange display on the MCP. The Rockwell Collins MCP has a purple and white display. If you're going to use Honeywell colors, you should model a Honeywell MCP. Also, I've noticed that the displays were always purple. They should only be purple close to the maximum brightness, then they should go black. This goes to the MCP as well. I know these are small things but it can get annoying at night to have bright purple displays that won't go to black, and to have in incorrectly modeled MCP. Sources: http://www.b737.org.uk/glareshield.htm https://i.ytimg.com/vi/JsDC4fW2HF8/maxresdefault.jpg https://www.airliners.net/photo/Southwest-Airlines/Boeing-737-7H4/1294917 https://www.airliners.net/photo/Southwest-Airlines/Boeing-737-7H4/1672878?qsp=eJwljTEOwjAMRe/iuQtC6pANOAAMXMBKrKai4Mg2KlHVu9cJ29N71vcGkT9GP3vWQhBACSVmGKCg4FshbPCiurIkbZW/lldSaweZjW9oNLFUCOPgVezqCMntJUYqRgn%2B/i6JpCXS2Ncn/3ZyIHl0hvPoPs1aFuwbZDgvsO8H93422Q%3D%3D https://www.airliners.net/photo/Southwest-Airlines/Boeing-737-7H4/1304410?qsp=eJwljTEOwjAMRe/iuQtC6pANOAAMXMBKrKai4Mg2KlHVu9cJ29N71vcGkT9GP3vWQhBACSVmGKCg4FshbPCiurIkbZW/lldSaweZjW9oNLFUCOPgVezqCMntJUYqRgn%2B/i6JpCXS2Ncn/3ZyIHl0hvPoPs1aFuwbZDgvsO8H93422Q%3D%3D
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