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    DUE TO LEGAL REASONS, I CANNOT DISTRIBUTE THIS SCENERY WITH ORTHO. THIS IS REQUIRED FOR IT TO WORK (Google Ortho Of The Area). Funadhoo Airport is a small, under construction airport in the Maldives. It sits in the Shaviyani Atoll and poses as a hub for people that live on the island. It was a much awaited airport for the locals, and it started construction in 2017. What's In The Scenery: 4K PBR Custom Ground Textures Vegetation Around The Island In Construction Terminal Custom Buildings On The Island What's Required: ALES Dev Library FlyAgi Vegetation Ortho4XP Tile +06+073 (Needs To Be Google) Enjoy! The SFS and Maldives Collection Team
  2. I've always been interested in aviation! I started with FSX after watching videos on youtube about it. After about a year, I transitioned over to X-Plane where I really got serious with it
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