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  1. Quick poster (Don't get your hopes too high bout release yet :P):
  2. I'm sure @Captain Kitten would agree with that
  3. Some recent Southwest ops in the 737-700
  4. Following a long-awaited A320 Ultimate post by Ramzzess on the X-Plane org forums, Steve from Torquesim (aka s85skater on the forums) posted some pictures of custom IAE engines he created for the Flightfactor A320. In his post, he wrote "I have a set of pro-level IAE V2500's that I have had for a while. I am a payware dev but made these for free for the community,". While great news, he cannot release the engines to the community until given permission by FlightFactor, as some of the engine datarefs that animate the engines are assets of the A320. In the meantime, Steve posted some pictures of his awesome engine. To see the full and orginal post on X-Plane.org, click here .
    Would download to infinity if I could! Great first!
  5. KJO

    How John came to xplane

    John it's 2019 have you had enough thought put into your story or are you writing a book
  6. Jordan's gorgeous video of the 737-700 Ultimate
  7. This is the place you'll be able to stock up on 737-700 Ultimate pictures if you so please *As of now this is only for team members to post pictures of the plane (which is a work in progress).
  8. What's your opinion on liveries? Tell us your opinion in the poll!
  9. *IF you wanna post this, post it on a Friday (Or make it a no money Monday) * The infamous Zibo mod. It took the entire flight sim community by storm and is still going full steam ahead. What started as an FMS modification of the default X-Plane 737-800 blossomed into a community built masterpiece. Since its release in January of 2018, the Zibo 737 mod has become a plane people like to compare to the likes of the study level PMDG NGX. The Zibo mod has even set the quality bar for other payware aircraft in X-Plane. Throughout its uprising, the mod received a custom FMS and systems, FMOD (3D) sounds, a custom flight model, a tablet & terrain radar, scimitar winglets, revamped textures, and a stretch into a 737-900. The best part, it's all free! Not a single penny leaves your wallet (unless you're kind enough to donate to them of course). It's too good to be true, and that's not even the end of it. The 737 Ultimate Project stretched the 737 into a 737-900, but they're also working on making it into a 737-700, and the 737 MAX family. This mod is simply put, a gift that keeps giving (It's not even the Holidays for another 11 more months!). Link to the Zibo mod: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/138974-b737-800x-zibo-mod-info-installation-download-links/ Link to the 737 Ultimate Project: https://forum.thresholdx.net/clubs/7-737ng-series-project/ Link to donate to the Zibo mod developers: https://www.paypal.me/zibomod & https://www.paypal.me/audiobirdxp
  10. KJO

    Inspirational speakers

    Let's kick this off for 2019. Steve Kerr, head coach of the Golden State Warriors. I went to see a talk featuring him and he's a really awesome guy. His childhood was very interesting and inspirational, he actually grew up in the Middle East during the 60's and 70's. Very interesting man. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Kerr
  11. Taking the beta of the 737-700 for a spin in Adak, Alaska.
  12. KJO

    Threshold Winter 2018 Scheme

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all on the Threshold team . Rock on guys!
  13. Version 1.0.0


    My first (and quite overdue) submission to the Threshold forum. N208UP was one of the few 727-200Fs that UPS used, as most of their 727s were of the -100F variant. Installation: Simply drag the contents of 722F-UPS.zip into your liveries folder. Note: This repaint is only for the 727-200F v3 by FlyJSim. Hope you guys like it, happy flying! Here's a snapshot of N208UP from 1994:

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