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  1. Leg 1 of JetBlue "Blueprint" E-195 from KRSW Southwest Florida Intl to Baltimore KBWI with a stop at Charleston AFB Intl KCHS. RSW scenery by Aerosoft.
  2. Atlanta to Houston on Delta Airlines A321 NEO
  3. Los Angeles Intl to Fresno. Fun flight
  4. In the United 738 out of Dulles KIAD to my old home Jacksonville KJAX
  5. A daily route from Raleigh Durham to Orlando in the jetBlue E190
  6. Southwest Airlines 737-800 Memphis to Chicago
  7. United Airlines 737-800 - Houston Bush Intl to Denver Intl
  8. United Airlines A350 - Denver Intl to Los Angeles Intl
  9. Raleigh Durham Intl to JFK Intl on JetBlue E-195
  10. United Airlines Airbus A321 NEO out of Raleigh -Durham Intl KRDU to Washington Dulles Intl KIAD.
  11. Buy a real plane. You'll never find one. I've been simming for 30 plus years and worked in aviation industry for several airlines as well as experience in F18s' in the military. Point is I'm not just another kid sitting in his mom and dads basement playing video games. I know what real and these sims don't even come close honestly. Your flying experience real world is a lot less difficult than these sims honestly. Its just a game too me. You wont find any real simulation on any platform if you're looking for something on a personal computer however you'll have to spend big money into a simulat
  12. Ha! First live stream! United Airlines Chicago OHare KORD to Washington Dulles Intl KIAD
  13. JetBlue A321 from Fort Lauderdale to Newark. Testing some new sky colors and clouds textures. It increases FPS, drastically decreases cloud texture flickering, no black nights on the ground and a more realistic look. Even though I use a high end machine, this is a great mod for low-end computers. You can find them here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/70298-sky-enhancement/
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