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  1. Quick hop evening from Raleigh-Durham over to Charlotte.
  2. Oakland to Vegas in the Toliss A321 on Spirit Airlines. I like flying nights however I couldn't stand the back nights. So I created a skycolor that gives it a more realistic city look on the ground. It should also boost FPS as I have heard by one user up to 10 FPS gain. I also added a little pop to my lights script a bit. You don't really see it pop in this video as it does others because I didn't have my Orth mesh installed in the SFO area at the time so this is with the default scenery. But it does still look pretty good.
  3. Trip to St Louis this evening out of Fort Worth.
  4. What a gorgeous Vegas trip out of LAX I took this evening in the Embraer 175
    Ha Ha love watching this guy. Well done!
  5. lol! Figured us broke people can still travel in style during a pandemic.
  6. Toliss A321 Atlanta KATL to Tampa KTPA on Spirit, a cheap bucket of bolts.
  7. Embraer E-195 - Charlotte KCLT to Dulles KIAD
  8. Embraer E175 - Orlando KMCO to Miami KMIA
  9. If you wanna do one for the FFA350 RR Trent engine that would be greatly appreciated. The models by FF are god awful. I love flying this thing but thats my only set back or I would fly it more often. My camera views for the engines are off limits until I can find better model with better performance. lol
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