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  1. Headed down to Tampa today on Southwest
  2. Delta Airlines A321 from Salt Lake City to Phoenix Sky Harbor
  3. Late evening flight on American Airlines A321 from Charlotte Douglas Intl KCLT to Jacksonville Intl KJAX
  4. United 757-200 Chicago O'Hare to Houston Bush Intl
  5. Atlanta to Phoenix in the NEO.
  6. I've been so amazed by your work! I recently purchased the JAR a330 to add to my collection and the first thing I had to do was add the Carda engines. Extremely impressive. I just wish that I could find some interior models that match your expertise. Keep up the magnificent work!
  7. Charlotte KCLT to Fort Worth KDFW on American Airlines A330-220 by JARDesign
  8. American Airlines Airbus A321 NEO to Charlotte
  9. Got to thinking I did fly several default that didn't pose as an issue. When I landed at Nimbus KATL which also has its own ground equipment system plugin which is part of the scenery package, perhaps that may have been an issue. Just a thought.
  10. Yes that was 2.2.6. I also did a test flight after I uninstalled it and sure enough successful. By the way I was landing at Nimbus KATL just incase you need a reference airport considering ground traffic. As soon as you guys posted, I updated to 2.2.6. Worked fine for about a day or so. Then here we go. Its cool Im not mad. Im just letting you guys know what happened. Most likely I wont be using it anymore. I just don't want the headache anymore. 4 hours of flight and this was enough for me to throw in the towel. lol! Now that I think about it, I believe your update went out either Monday or Tuesday. I think it was Tuesday or so, cant quite remember but it was definitely shortly after. Week was fine on flights. It broke last night (Friday). Immediately I checked SAM to see if live updates or something was turn on or off. Idk maybe it did some weird update but nope. Still 2.2.6. So I just removed it. As soon as I recognized the CTD coming as it glitched during gameplay, I knew exactly where it was coming from having had that same CTD in the past before I did my own tests in X Plane to solve the prob. Idk what to say. I just dont think I wanna try it anymore. I also dont have tons of crap plugins like most users do crying about CTD. I understand development as I have about 30 years of technology in my blood so Im not just crying over a bottle. I do understand every product is not perfected and there are slight issues. But I just don't want the head ache anymore. But for the record Im still in love with World Jetways. hahaha! I do have the live stream on my YouTube if you wanna take a look at the ending. If you wish to view, shoot me a private message and ill send the link. Just FYI
  11. Well on this wonderful Friday night I took a flight from LAX to ATL on Delta 757. I also live streamed it. Got about 3 miles out 3hrs and 59mins later on final and what do ya know.... the infamous CTD. I also updated SAM to the latest version for the fix. Was a great trip though. Im never using it again. lol! Thx!
  12. Southwest Florida KRSW to Houston Hobby KHOU on Southwest Airlines
  13. Washington - Dulles Intl KIAD to Houston Bush Intl KIAH on United Airlines A350
  14. Mine does but I never updated each time the Zibo released. Try updating SAM or reinstalling it. Also could be some plugin conflict. But I know mine work fine
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