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  1. I've been so amazed by your work! I recently purchased the JAR a330 to add to my collection and the first thing I had to do was add the Carda engines. Extremely impressive. I just wish that I could find some interior models that match your expertise. Keep up the magnificent work!
  2. Charlotte KCLT to Fort Worth KDFW on American Airlines A330-220 by JARDesign
  3. American Airlines Airbus A321 NEO to Charlotte
  4. Got to thinking I did fly several default that didn't pose as an issue. When I landed at Nimbus KATL which also has its own ground equipment system plugin which is part of the scenery package, perhaps that may have been an issue. Just a thought.
  5. Yes that was 2.2.6. I also did a test flight after I uninstalled it and sure enough successful. By the way I was landing at Nimbus KATL just incase you need a reference airport considering ground traffic. As soon as you guys posted, I updated to 2.2.6. Worked fine for about a day or so. Then here we go. Its cool Im not mad. Im just letting you guys know what happened. Most likely I wont be using it anymore. I just don't want the headache anymore. 4 hours of flight and this was enough for me to throw in the towel. lol! Now that I think about it, I believe your update went out either Monday or T
  6. Well on this wonderful Friday night I took a flight from LAX to ATL on Delta 757. I also live streamed it. Got about 3 miles out 3hrs and 59mins later on final and what do ya know.... the infamous CTD. I also updated SAM to the latest version for the fix. Was a great trip though. Im never using it again. lol! Thx!
  7. Southwest Florida KRSW to Houston Hobby KHOU on Southwest Airlines
  8. Washington - Dulles Intl KIAD to Houston Bush Intl KIAH on United Airlines A350
  9. Mine does but I never updated each time the Zibo released. Try updating SAM or reinstalling it. Also could be some plugin conflict. But I know mine work fine
  10. sounds good im looking forward to getting to use my ground vehicles again! thx!
  11. I had that issue long ago after updating sam. My sim would crash on arrivals on approach actually. Went through the logs and did a bit of testing. Turns out it was SAM ground traffic. When the traffic spawned it caused the sim to crash every time I would be on final. The resuilt is Im stuck with a product I paid for and cant use. Oh well... the Jetways work fine. It didnt happen until I update. Im convinced Im not the problem. The solution? I stopped updating and buying products. Life is good now
  12. Leg 1 of JetBlue "Blueprint" E-195 from KRSW Southwest Florida Intl to Baltimore KBWI with a stop at Charleston AFB Intl KCHS. RSW scenery by Aerosoft.
  13. Atlanta to Houston on Delta Airlines A321 NEO
  14. Los Angeles Intl to Fresno. Fun flight
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