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  1. W7154

    FlyAgi Tweak Utility

    This is promising. Is there anyway you can add lighting control? for example make night lighting more brighter and increase the LOD for users who have a fast computer for lighting autogen so we can see it from distances?
  2. W7154

    X-Plane Screenshot 2018.12.02 -

    Hi there, This is honestly a beautiful shot. Is this just X-Enviro you was using?
  3. W7154

    SAM - Scenery Animation Manager

    Okay thank you very much for getting back to me with the information, I greatly appreciate it. Happy New Year
  4. W7154

    SAM - Scenery Animation Manager

    I love this plug in. Any chance you'll add the config for the FFA320? We really need that. Thanks!

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