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  1. Version 1.1


    Hey! I created the Eurowings Discover Livery for the Flight Facktor A320. Impotent: So that the livery works properly you need the Matavia Mod in which the Sharklets for the FF A320 are located. You can finde the Matavia Mod here: https://www.aviacraft.org/matavia-mod After you downloaded and extract the file just put the "Eurowings Discover A-AIUY" folder into your X-Plane 11 / FlightFactor A320 ultimate / liveries Feedback is appreciated ! Enjoy
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Hey ! I created Eurowings sharklets for the Airbus A320 from Flight Facktor with Matavia Mod Important !!! In order for the mod to work, you must first install the Matavia mod with sharklets. Only then can the mod work. You can find the Matavia Mod under the following link: https://www.aviacraft.org/matavia-mod Installation: After you downloaded and extract the file just put the "Sharklets" folder into your FF320 ultimate / liveries / liverie of your choise / objects If there are any questions please let me know Have fun
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