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  1. Realease V8 Fmod VR possible SASL3 last update (better compatibility with other addon ) VALID FOR X-PLANE-10 AND X-PLANE-11 F-15 with cockpit 3D, Note: It is a payware for the airplane, for buy the airplane: https://sellfy.com/p/gf5J but the flight manual user is free download. (file download ) Flight manual user Animated 3d model 3D cockpit with multiple functions. Animation flaps, airbrake. Animation canopy Landing gear with doors Ejection seat command Tailhook Chute. Expa
  2. his topic is create for all questions and answers. Thank you for using it.
    The plane has had a 3d cockpit for some time. The product is now complete and successful. With Fmod
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Executive livery. Have fun
  4. Version version 6.3


    Following a request from a SEM fan, (He will recognize himself, I'm sure). I adapted, with the authorization of the FSX SEM authors, The SEM for x-plane 11. It is a 3d model, with now a quality 1K texture. The 1k texture is converted to 4K, but I have to improve these textures soon to make real 4K, also PBR. The plane is therefore not finished, it is a first raw model. There will be automatisms with lua files. I still have to model the 3D cockpit and several improvements. The plane is fully animated and VR in version 3d cockpit. Good flight t
  5. The planes in development or already ready for 2020 (made by pizzagalli.ch) are: AW609, finished MV-22 new cockpit Elbit system, completed P-30 Northrop Grumman, completed. These planes are payware. SEM Super standard modernized, in development, but available in an evolutionary way, according to the updates. The plane is free.
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