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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Lesce Airport (LJBL) is a small airport in north western Slovenia, near the border with Austria. It is a popular airport for propeller aircraft and gliders. This scenery provides an accurate rendition of the airport, with realistic markings, textures and objects. It took about 2 months to create this scenery. Requires: RA_Library ALES Dev Library OpenSceneryX Includes: PBR Ground Textures PBR Object Textures Custom Objects Realistic Markings 3D Grass To install, make sure you have the latest versions of the libraries listed above, an
  2. Decided to make the runway blend better into the surrounding area Also working further on the apron
  3. We are proud to announce Lesce-Bled as our first scenery for X-Plane 11. LJBL is a small airport in Slovenia, which on request by a user, we developed. The journey started about 2 months ago, and has since then progressed greatly. The airport is 90% complete, with just a bit of WED work left to go. The feature list is as follows: Custom airport objects PBR textures Realistic airport layout PBR ground textures Release is scheduled for later this week, and constant updates are expected after release.
  4. Started in 2014 with FSX, after a while of using that, I bought X-Plane. That's when I got serious into simming, upgrading my hardware. Since then, I have done hundreds of flights, the majority being long haul.
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