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  1. Great, thanks for the hint, didnt expect it there
  2. Hi and sorry if this has been asked before: Is there a list of payware airports which have been updated to using SAM? I do know Aerosoft LSZH, EDDT and EDDF have been updated, but maybe someone keeps track of this and is willing to share a list of airports?
  3. domae001

    1.10 Development screenshots

    That video looks awesome, really shows what the engine is capable of. I have never seen anything like this in any sim or weather plugin and hope to be able to try it out myself in the near future!
  4. domae001

    1.10 Development screenshots

    But even on clear winter days the sky does look vastly different! Even in the two pictures that you posted, the sky is not the same - far from it actually. The first one looks a bit washed out with light blue tones and a wide range of red and yellow colours. The second one is very saturated, a deeper blue, a distinct pinkish tone, very narrow transition between blue and pink. I cannot see the same sky there. (And of course we would need to talk about cameras, monitors and stuff, but you already know about that and don't want to hear about it again, which is fair, it still is very relevant though.)
  5. domae001

    1.10 Development screenshots

    Before I got into flightsimming I would never have imagined how upset people could get over the colours of the sky... I look at the evening sky every day from my home office window and I have seen so many different skies that I wouldn't dare declare one of them "THE" exact evening sky. How much it changes from one day to the other is rather impressive and most likely very difficult to recreate in a PC simulation environment. Just my 2 cents.

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