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  1. Hi! I've been noticing a lot of small changes to the user interface of this website over the course of the last couple of months. While being rather insignificant in themselves they've added up to making this once beautiful and sleek website feel cluttered and disorganized. Changes that you could revert include for instance the red background for title, the useless "trending" bar with the pulsing red dot (its redundant), the red bar to visualize the reading progress (makes sense only for long articles) and even the red tags for the articles. Just make everything as streamlined as possible bc there are so many cluttered FS sites out there that threshold really can stand out when it remains modern, sleek und 'scandinavian' in its look. Just my 2 cents.
  2. My advice would be to make this version as perfect as you can. The main criticism towards XE has been "Why didnt they fix 1.09 before they reinvent the wheel?" I am afraid that if you will release this version with major let's call them "flaws" then you'd face a very dissatisfied crowd that wouldnt see the point in waiting a very long time only to go from one version with major flaws to another one with different flaws. And these people will certainly try to (and will probably succeed in) badmouthing the entire product. Of course bug-free software doesnt exist and there will always be features to add, but 1.10 should be solid as far as included features goes just to avoid all the negativity that unfortunately is surrounding the product. So take your time, a couple of months more wont make a difference at this point.
  3. I think you should never buy a product for its "future", because that is by definition always still-to-come and thus inherently uncertain. If you buy XE now, you should buy it bc you like what 1.09s offers. If you dont like it, dont buy and wait until they release 1.10. Then reconsider. Again it's the same with an iPhone: I don't buy it because I hope iOS 14 (or whatever number they're at) will provide some groundbreaking features some time in the future, but I like what the current mix of hardware and software offers. If they improve upon that in the future at no cost: great. If they don't: still good. If you dont want to wait an indefinite amount of time and want to purchase ASXP in the meantime, that's up to you. It's a gamble on your part. But just imagine if XE devs said: 1.10 releases on May 1st - give or take a week. You dont purchase ASXP, bc 5/1 is soon enough for you. Then they encounter some nasty bugs in the remaining beta which takes them a lot of time to fix. In the meantime, XP 11.40 releases and breaks some XE code. More dev time needs to go into the release and instead of May 1st, the release gets pushed back to say September 1st. Then there'd be a lot of dissapointed customers saying: You promised May 1st, that's why I didnt purchase another product and now I have nothing at all and it's your fault! And those customers would be right: If you cannot say for certain that you will have a product out by a specific date, dont promise anything and dont tease it, because that will affect what people purchase. Ever since moving the XE forum to Threshold I find communication to be very clear in that regard: They are very clear about what the state of the beta is, but they dont promise anything that they simple can't and shouldn't promise.
  4. Well no. If you own an iPhone for instance you are certainly not entitled to know about all its hardware and software characteristics. Those are partly highly guarded company secrets. Also good luck in trying to ask Apple how many beta versions of their new iOS they will produce and when they will release it. Beta means the software is still in an experimental phase: How long that takes and how many beta versions they need to do is up to how the experiments run. By the very nature of the experiment it cannot be known how long that will take and giving out a date would be a random guess at best. Which in turn would only make people mad when it doesnt work out. Think of the last XP11.31+2 beta: They thought it would be a short beta with few bug fixes but they found out about a lot seemingly random bugs and crashes, some of which they still cannot track down properly. After a long beta run they decided to release 11.32 as stable, but they could as well have extended the beta run by a couple of more versions. Most importantly there was no way for them to know that all these tiny problems would surface in the beta run.
  5. Hi and sorry if this has been asked before: Is there a list of payware airports which have been updated to using SAM? I do know Aerosoft LSZH, EDDT and EDDF have been updated, but maybe someone keeps track of this and is willing to share a list of airports?
  6. That video looks awesome, really shows what the engine is capable of. I have never seen anything like this in any sim or weather plugin and hope to be able to try it out myself in the near future!
  7. But even on clear winter days the sky does look vastly different! Even in the two pictures that you posted, the sky is not the same - far from it actually. The first one looks a bit washed out with light blue tones and a wide range of red and yellow colours. The second one is very saturated, a deeper blue, a distinct pinkish tone, very narrow transition between blue and pink. I cannot see the same sky there. (And of course we would need to talk about cameras, monitors and stuff, but you already know about that and don't want to hear about it again, which is fair, it still is very relevant though.)
  8. Before I got into flightsimming I would never have imagined how upset people could get over the colours of the sky... I look at the evening sky every day from my home office window and I have seen so many different skies that I wouldn't dare declare one of them "THE" exact evening sky. How much it changes from one day to the other is rather impressive and most likely very difficult to recreate in a PC simulation environment. Just my 2 cents.
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