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  1. Jockeyboy2_0

    How to Delay 'X-Plane.exe is not responding'

    I should point out start the app on the desktop you want to run it on and dont swap until its loaded fully otherwise it will switch to your new desktop. Also WIN + TAB will open a screen where you can see whats running on what dekstop and drag them between desktops if you want to move programs between desktops.
  2. Jockeyboy2_0

    How to Delay 'X-Plane.exe is not responding'

    On this point A Way better way to operate on a single monitor (Windows 10) is to Hit the keys CTRL + WIN + D this will duplicate your desktop, You can then load any apps that you may use on there. Example for me Pilot2atc I can do the same Keypress and get another Desktop and load Navigraph charts up on that. Now when in Xplane if you use the keys CTRL + WIN + Right Arrow you will move up a desktop and CTRL + WIN + Left arrow Down a desktop so you can have many full screen apps running . You Can all thank me later
  3. Jockeyboy2_0

    Request For A Forum

    Ah Brilliant , they have a website that you can Upload configs for but there is no way of comments on the file or a forum, There is a forum over on the Org but Have you seen it !! its Just 1 Topic and everything in there.
  4. Jockeyboy2_0

    Request For A Forum

    Or A Club ?? I dont mind assisting Cheers
  5. Jockeyboy2_0

    Request For A Forum

    Good Day, Is there a possibility of having a Smart-Copilot Forum, Perhaps under a Plugins section ? . At least then we could track any bugs with smart Copilot configs properly ? Cheers
  6. Jockeyboy2_0

    White Screen OVIII

    Sorry Coop I think I found the problem , X-plane for some mad reason has decided to switch itself to Engines Running start , But when it loads in the AFM wants to be in its last configured state (As it should be) And you are correct I have A whole Lot of Hardware switches I use and of course these are turned off. Showing the white screen because of the difference in the Hardware to the software. Apologies Should have payed more attention. Cheers
  7. I have seen the last couple of times I have gone into the OVIII that when I apply power the Center MFD Powers Up no problem but the Pilots Powers Up with the Init Screen then When it is Suppposed to turn to the flight instruments It goes White instead. A quick Reload of the aircraft fixes it though Just annoying Cheers Lee
  8. Jockeyboy2_0

    Rename ACF Files

    I Actually had already done this Just as a test and works OK never found any issues with renaming them for the OVII . I did loose the Icons within Xplane UI but I guess Because I never renamed the 2.png files in the Model Root folder, I have now renamed all the Icon files and the ones included in the liveries and everything is OK. As A further Note , the one problem I can see in doing this myself is that, any other software that checks against the ACF name (Im think smart copilot here) would throw a You must be in the same aircraft error! I also Yesterday created a smartcopilot file for the OVIII Posted it in the downloads section here would be good if we could get some Mooney users testing and reporting any problems. Cheers Lee
  9. Jockeyboy2_0

    AFM M20R Smart Co-pilot Config

    Version 1.0.0


    SmartCopilot Config File for the AFM OVIII Here is my Smart Copilot Config file for the AFM OVIII Currently Requires Testing But I think Im pretty Close!! What is Should Synced Pilot & Copilot Every Switch & Circuit breaker Both GN1000 Panels Annunciation Panel Autopilot (Please Test this) Xplane Failures Circuit Breakers Popping Pilot Only (Who Has Control) Flight Controls (if it can alter the Speed and Attitude Directly) Cabin Heating Alternate Air Sources Static Objects (Pilots Responsibility to remove Covers Etc) Master Fuel Quantity TKS Quantity Engine Fuel Flow Current Time of Day Weather The Basic Setup : The config file is set to refresh the weather every 2 hours NOAA where X-plane gets its weather is only updated every hour at 10 past the hour. Personally I would set the same in Xplane. Both set the aircraft same location (including Gate) Cold and dark cockpit (All Switches off) Master initializes the connection the time of day and weather will be sent as soon as your connected (give it a couple of seconds to update) you should then be good to go!! Just to stop any problems I would recharge the batteries, refill the oxygen and TKS prior to Connection. Again please comment on any bugs you find And Enjoy!!!
  10. It would be a good Idea to rename the ACF files between the different models, I use Pollypot goflight Software for all my goflight panels (14 in total) and it uses the ACF filename to Identify what control profile to apply to the aircraft. As the M20R for the OVII and OVIII use the same ACF filename I cannot set up different control Profiles for the individual aircraft. Understandably this is not a fault of AFM but more of a design problem of the Pollypot software I just thought it would be easier to change filenames of the aircraft than Coding of Software. Great Aircraft though. Cheers

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