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  1. With the open beta release of Swift Pilot client , I have created a private FSD server that would allow for group flights be it G.A or Jets. This could be utilised as a weekly kind of get together and "Fly-in" perhaps once per week 1 day for G.A and another for Jets. There is No ATC to worry about, a very basic aim to arrive at the chosen destination at or around a chosen time. make your intentions known in a discord voice channel as you approach the airfield. The server could also be used for FSEconomy flights , Smart Copilot flights the option is yours. all you need to do is in the swift Pilot client create a new server with the settings contained in the attachment the password is : 123456
  2. Would there be any interest in some Multiplayer the Berlin airlift scenario. i am in the first stages of preparation for this. but a bit of history Berlin Airlift Flight. A Brief History. At the end of WW2 Berlin was situated in the Soviet sector of East Germany. The western half of the city was controlled by the British,American and French whilst the Eastern half was controlled by the Soviets. In 1948 there was a difference of opinion between the major powers as to how Berlin should be rebuilt. This resulted in Stalin wanting the allies out of the city. On June 24th 1948 the Soviets closed all roads, railways and rivers into the city effectively blockading it. The situation quickly became grave as some 2 million Berliners needed supplies. The allies agreed to set up three 20mile wide air corridors from Western occupied Germany into Berlin allowing access for supplies. The Frankfurt-Berlin Southern corridor some 216miles long. The Hamburg-Berlin Northern corridor some 117miles long. The Westbound exit corridor to Wunsdorf and beyond. It was determined that some 1600 tons of supplies were needed daily not including coal and liquid fuel. This then was the beginning of the Berlin Airlift which ran almost 2 years 24 hours a day. Altogether, a total of 692 aircraft were engaged in the Berlin Airlift, more than 100 of which belonged to civilian operators, these are some of them that flew.... Avro Lancaster Avro Lincoln Avro York Avro Tudor Avro Lancastrian Boeing C-97 Stratofreighter Bristol Type 170 Freighter Consolidated B-24 Liberator Consolidated PBY Catalina Douglas C-54 Skymaster and Douglas DC-4 Douglas C-74 Globemaster Douglas C-47 Skytrain and Douglas DC-3 (UK: Dakota) Fairchild C-82 Packet Handley Page Hastings Handley Page Halifax Halton Junkers Ju 52/3m (operated briefly by France) Lockheed C-121A Constellation Short Sunderland Vickers VC.1 Viking There would be a requirement at a minimum of 2x ATC controllers Ground & Tower More details will be posted once I get an idea of interest.
  3. Aussi , Many thanks for your comment and also for inclusion of the version.txt file, And you are correct if developers don't know it is up to us the end user to point these out or request them. Open Scenery X there is no real problem with as you just run the installer to get the latest version (which is a great feature). My comment was more toward scenery that is downloaded and then Updated How do you tell ?? Sure you have a last updated date where you are downloading from, but that needs to be included in the download hence the version.txt file so you can later refer to it. It can contain anything you want there are no special characters What I posted was really just an Example. Again Many thanks.
  4. Feel free to change the title, But you got my point Sloppy Developers. I don't know about the Xe Harassment so I cant comment, but "the critique received by Flight Factor for neglecting to update their A320" Quote from Here Perhaps FlightFactor Need to inform customers that an update has been released either by means of a Change log or A notification. As Per the Org Version it has been updated over 100 times that's approximately twice per week since I bought it. A Few users on the other X-plane forum have been silenced for calling out developers and complaining or even commenting about a lack of support from developers. Regarding Beta I'm afraid I have to Agree to Disagree . Alpha Testing has a long term execution cycle (Usually in House) but may include others with experience of the software or in this case the real life aircraft. Beta testing (again my opinion here) should be there to concentrate on the quality of a product and gather input to ensure the product is ready for real time users. I agree that a BETA does take time, But it Personally it should be done in a separate stream so that not everyone is running BETA versions a bit like how X-plane itself has a stable release and then a Beta version should you wish to try. Now your comment Open Beta / Early access is Bang on.
  5. This is by no means a Bash at any developers, but 2019 for me has started out seeing 2 separate posts about Harassment of developers. While I do not Condone the actions of those who Harass, Sometimes there is a valid point. This is not a Harassment Post but here is my Moans and Disappointments that i have seen. Firstly I am not a keyboard or mouse simmer , In fact If I have to reach for the mouse all Immersion for me is lost. I have spent a lot of money on Flight sim hardware so that If its a switch that's moved in a 3D cockpit I can move a switch in mine - Its not a replica of a certain aircraft more a generic I can fly most things / style of cockpit. For programming my controls I use Spad.Next and Pollypots Goflight interface. These need access to at least monitor datarefs, which brings me on to my first Point. Laminar Provide a whole heap of Datarefs & Commands that developers could use , or at least link to , Most common example Master caution cancel (Carenado) it requires a Mouse button click. Even worse some developers make datarefs private, with no command so you either need to understand how to access the dataref to read and write to it. They also provide No information on the dataref (Exception here Flight Factor 757 & 767) . Not Everyone Fly's with a Keyboard and Mouse, At least give us the information on what dataref or command is linked to what switch. It takes a good day to fully complete an aircraft profile this could be half a day if you started providing us with information. Wasted Hard drive space : We have some cracking pieces of software that turn a lonely X-Plane into something amazing, Vatsim , IVAO , World Traffic 3 , X-Life. but we the end user need to install additional files for this software to work, Bluebells Traffic (is what im thinking) but where do we install it ?? In the folder the developer tells us to use, The problem is there is no Guidelines well there is but developers choose not to follow it. Laminar gave us a Custom Data folder, why is it not Standardised that we use that folder for example Bluebells traffic files , Then it would be a case of install it once and your done no matter what piece of software you use you can find it in this folder (its done for GPS). Now I understand that "I" can create symbolic links / Junctions but this is not in everyone's ability or even have a clue what i'm talking about. Scenery: Like many others I use X-organiser its a fantastic piece of software to keep on top of your scenery. It can even show you what version of a airport , scenery , mesh you have installed. But "Some" Developers fail to insert a text file called version.txt. It is Not a difficult file to write Just place it in the root of your scenery an example V1.0 Xp11 Last Update 2 Apr 2018 Change-logs: When was the last time you saw one for the FF A320 ?? Also forum posters please don't insult my intelligence by telling us its in BETA we know we were prepared to invest money into it to Aid Development we want to Help but if we don't know whats being changed how do we know what to test / function. Lastly and this is of my own personal opinion but the BETA test itself, How long should it be ?? personally i would have thought a couple of Months Maximum , time to fully validate the product. Once it has completed a BETA then needs to come a Stable release , and a BETA Stream. Not Keep it in BETA for 2 years and introduce New Features. At the same time there is the Announcement of the Aircraft, The Hype train, "you couple the Hype Train to the its in BETA forum posters" its a recipe for disaster this is then more pressure on the Developers. This is not just in the world of X-plane this is happening, Remember "No Man's Sky" Sorry for the Long Post , and as mentioned its by no means a Bash on developers I really wish I had the knowledge that you guys have, it is merely observations and annoyances I have. Cheers
  6. I should point out start the app on the desktop you want to run it on and dont swap until its loaded fully otherwise it will switch to your new desktop. Also WIN + TAB will open a screen where you can see whats running on what dekstop and drag them between desktops if you want to move programs between desktops.
  7. On this point A Way better way to operate on a single monitor (Windows 10) is to Hit the keys CTRL + WIN + D this will duplicate your desktop, You can then load any apps that you may use on there. Example for me Pilot2atc I can do the same Keypress and get another Desktop and load Navigraph charts up on that. Now when in Xplane if you use the keys CTRL + WIN + Right Arrow you will move up a desktop and CTRL + WIN + Left arrow Down a desktop so you can have many full screen apps running . You Can all thank me later
  8. Ah Brilliant , they have a website that you can Upload configs for but there is no way of comments on the file or a forum, There is a forum over on the Org but Have you seen it !! its Just 1 Topic and everything in there.
  9. Or A Club ?? I dont mind assisting Cheers
  10. Good Day, Is there a possibility of having a Smart-Copilot Forum, Perhaps under a Plugins section ? . At least then we could track any bugs with smart Copilot configs properly ? Cheers
  11. Sorry Coop I think I found the problem , X-plane for some mad reason has decided to switch itself to Engines Running start , But when it loads in the AFM wants to be in its last configured state (As it should be) And you are correct I have A whole Lot of Hardware switches I use and of course these are turned off. Showing the white screen because of the difference in the Hardware to the software. Apologies Should have payed more attention. Cheers
  12. I have seen the last couple of times I have gone into the OVIII that when I apply power the Center MFD Powers Up no problem but the Pilots Powers Up with the Init Screen then When it is Suppposed to turn to the flight instruments It goes White instead. A quick Reload of the aircraft fixes it though Just annoying Cheers Lee
  13. I Actually had already done this Just as a test and works OK never found any issues with renaming them for the OVII . I did loose the Icons within Xplane UI but I guess Because I never renamed the 2.png files in the Model Root folder, I have now renamed all the Icon files and the ones included in the liveries and everything is OK. As A further Note , the one problem I can see in doing this myself is that, any other software that checks against the ACF name (Im think smart copilot here) would throw a You must be in the same aircraft error! I also Yesterday created a smartcopilot file for the OVIII Posted it in the downloads section here would be good if we could get some Mooney users testing and reporting any problems. Cheers Lee
  14. Version 1.0.0


    SmartCopilot Config File for the AFM OVIII Here is my Smart Copilot Config file for the AFM OVIII Currently Requires Testing But I think Im pretty Close!! What is Should Synced Pilot & Copilot Every Switch & Circuit breaker Both GN1000 Panels Annunciation Panel Autopilot (Please Test this) Xplane Failures Circuit Breakers Popping Pilot Only (Who Has Control) Flight Controls (if it can alter the Speed and Attitude Directly) Cabin Heating Alternate Air Sources Static Objects (Pilots Responsibility to remove Covers Etc) Master Fuel Quantity TKS Quantity Engine Fuel Flow Current Time of Day Weather The Basic Setup : The config file is set to refresh the weather every 2 hours NOAA where X-plane gets its weather is only updated every hour at 10 past the hour. Personally I would set the same in Xplane. Both set the aircraft same location (including Gate) Cold and dark cockpit (All Switches off) Master initializes the connection the time of day and weather will be sent as soon as your connected (give it a couple of seconds to update) you should then be good to go!! Just to stop any problems I would recharge the batteries, refill the oxygen and TKS prior to Connection. Again please comment on any bugs you find And Enjoy!!!


  15. It would be a good Idea to rename the ACF files between the different models, I use Pollypot goflight Software for all my goflight panels (14 in total) and it uses the ACF filename to Identify what control profile to apply to the aircraft. As the M20R for the OVII and OVIII use the same ACF filename I cannot set up different control Profiles for the individual aircraft. Understandably this is not a fault of AFM but more of a design problem of the Pollypot software I just thought it would be easier to change filenames of the aircraft than Coding of Software. Great Aircraft though. Cheers
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