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  1. This page is full of similar complaints arised from wrong/old SAM installations. Please check and revert so that we can find a solution to your problem. eg. Failed to find resource 'apt_concrete.dcl', referenced from file 'Custom Scenery/_LTFM_Istanbul_Intl_v2.0/Objects/Ground Markings/Textures/'. This error is certainly not the cause of your crash, I also have it and it will be eliminated soon.
  2. There must be something blocking your graphics card, I own a DELL laptop with 1060 Graphics card (6GB VRAM) and I get 30 fps in average with med to high graphics settings (I never use parked aircraft and reflections).
  3. Make sure to have all required libraries up to date (including SAM) and share your log.txt file for me to check if the culprit is LTFM related.
  4. Thanks for your kind words. Please read this message from reviews and download the attached file and use it to create your new tile. Detailed explanation is already there. Regards.
  5. First 5 lines of your Scenery_packs.ini file are : 0 C:\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\SAM\lib\SAM_WorldJetways/ 1 C:\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\SAM\lib\SAM_FollowMe/ 2 C:\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\SAM\lib\SAM_Library/ 3 C:\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\SAM\lib\SAM_AirportVehicles/ 4 Custom Scenery/SAM_Library/ which make me to believe that you have an older SAM Library in your Custom scenery folder as the first 4 lines are created automatically by SAM Suite itself and they are deleted under normal circumstances (no crash, proper log-off).
  6. Hi Marten, All of a sudden, I am seeing more than 1 DGS /Marshaller being active with the latest version 2.1.7 in my LTFM scenery even though I did not touch the scenery with WED or revised anything within the authoring tool in XP recently. All piers with L, R and Center parking positions were working without a problem before. Now when I approach the main center gate/jetway I see marshallers on both sides (L and R) and there is something wrong with animations; up to a certain point I see 3 sets of arms and the 2 of them disappear when I come closer to the parking position...! Can you test
  7. Please communicate in English, send me PM here or contact me from other media for such discussions. Yazışmaları İngilizce yaparsanız sevinirim, LTFM dışındaki özel konuları direk mesaj ya da diğer kanallardan erişerek iletebilirsiniz, buradan yazmamanızı rica ediyorum.
  8. Ben istemiş olduğunuz senaryolar için kast etmiştim yoksa Sunay hoca ile daha öncelerinden yazışmalarımız var.
  9. Link updated and working now, my apologies.
  10. Trying to update Seasons for the 3rd time from 1.0.3 to 1.0.4. After 2 unsuccessful attempts, SAM Suite says 1.0.4 is installed but the button is YELLOW (Installation Error). After a long download and a short installation process a pop-up says there is an error. I hope my ISP will not ban me for excessive consequent downloads . I had 62.2 GB free space on my SSD and downloaded 10GB+ just before installation process started and the whole downloaded batch was deleted before quitting with the same error pop-up leaving me with 62.2 GB free space again. And you know what? My previous files a
  11. Eksikler yavaş yavaş gideriliyor, siz bana 3D modelleri yapanı bulun gerisini ben hallederim
  12. LTFM'de baslatin ve XP kapandiktan sonra oluşturulan log.txt dosyanızı buradan gonderin, bakayim. -Start your XP at LTFM and send me your log.txt file after it crashes.
  13. @fallenistaken Is your AIRAC up to date and do you have the required set for A300? If A350 is seeing the data, A300 should also see it as long as they look at the same dataset. Also update your X-Plane to 11.51b3 where they upload new apt.dat file which includes LTFM along with many other airport data.
  14. Please make sure that you have only 1 link to SAM_Library in your scenery_packs.ini file as most of the time after CTD's the automatic links do not get deleted and you may have more than 1 link to the library. Further, pls make sure to have your SAM version is the latest. Let me know if you have any error messages above the lines you pasted here and if CTD happens again after checking above, send me your log.txt file as a whole.
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