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  1. Version 0.5.0


    LTFJ Sabiha Gokcen Intl. Airport Istanbul - TURKEY ver 0.5.0 This is our first custom built airport for MSFS 2020 and it is by no means finished yet bu we have decided to release it as a "public beta" because to say the least, the default one is not to our liking. We will spend some more time to make it better but it is much more tempting to fly in and out even at it's current state. We are aware that there are some texture problems here and there and we will be working on them, time permitting. This scenery was originally created for X-Plane 11 by us with precio
  2. There was a statement from Marten re the crash issue in which he wrote the problem is within XP1150b17 and Laminar knows about the situation. Revert to 2.0.7 for the time being rather than re-installing the whole sim, I still have 2.0.7 and it works perfectly fine with b17.
  3. Hi Marten, Here is a s/shot with your latest xml file from your latest message above (1 hr ago). Connection is ok but door positions are off.
  4. This wasn't the one I wanted to direct you to, sorry. Here are the links: I tried it at Gate G9 and A11 in LTFM but it is a new WIP unfinished version. Either of the above should be good enough to test (all Center gates with 2 or more jetways at piers) Regards.
  5. Hi Marten, Just tested it with the new xml file in place. Still not working, sorry. PS. LF1 position for A350 is also off.
  6. You can test A350 with my LTFJ (Gates 201 to 208 - not A or B stands) or LTFM (All gates with 2 or 3 jetways) sceneries. You can find them here in the Threshold downloads.
  7. I guess it can wait, no rush. Luckily we have one working door anyways :)
  8. Hi Marten, Same issue here, A350's old problem is alive again. B789 Magknight in the same position have no problem with connection. Testing my new scenery with different add-ons I own.
  9. Version 2.0


    LTFJ - Sabiha Gokcen International Airport - Istanbul/TURKIYE This scenery is a re-work of my previous one that I had published about 2 years ago using a scenery from forums.x-plane.org site which was published and shared by Randy Westline as a freeware at that time. Some custom Terminal Buildings and a few others in the service area belong to that scenery as before. Main terminal, Car park (only visible if you use Natural version), Turkish Technic and Cargo Hangars along with many others were created by M. Ali Oguducu and Kamil Uzun. I also used various other objects from several
  10. (I see that you are more active here than your mailbox, I am just posting my message here) Hi Marten, Are you planning to update SAM to 2.0.8 soon or is it going to take some more time?As I used subject "revised" items that you shared with me recently in my scenery it does not open up in other users' systems and in most cases causes CTD.Is it ok if I share these items in proper folder structure so that people can copy the files to their Plugins folder? Unfortunately I had to hide the scenery for the time being.Regards.
  11. It is an automated link to SAM_Library which is added by SAM itself. You should disable the option in SAM settings and create your own link in Custom scenery folder.
  12. Version GWS1.0.1


    LTFM Istanbul Airport for X-Plane 11 (11.30+) Version GWS1.0 NATURAL (Sloped) and FLAT versions. This is a slightly enhanced rendition of my LTFM Istanbul (future) Gateway version, furnished with SAM jetways, DGS panels and marshallers for a better immersion. The new layout includes RWY 18/36 which is due to open next week but there are no instruments yet to guide you to approach them. They will be added most probably with the next update of AIRAC files. Complete layout was redrawn based on more than 100 google Earth Pro hi-res screen shots stitched together and all ground
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