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  1. Yes I did use the same template as above. Only changed certain values for a couple of connections but not for the one pictured in my initial message. Attached the sam.xml file here. sam.xml
  2. They fit alright as facade application is much more flexible in terms of sections and directions. I remember reading in one article that you preferred SAM objects to be used in sceneries rather than Laminar's. Further, SAM has many options in height but Laminar has only one standard height of 4.5 m. May be you could do only the "rotunda" as an object in matching heights so we can attach 2 separate connection bridges with an angle easily. :)
  3. I took some screenshots while trying to add jetways to a new scenery and these are the results. At least type 1 4.5 m glass does not align with the doors. Tried B738 Laminar, Zibo 738 and Ultimate 737 and 739 along with FF B777 200LR. Last 2 shots to show stages of penetration into the fuselage to Zibo B738.
  4. I have spent some time this morning trying to find the best fit for a new scenery but I am stuck with either a "straight" jeyway connection facade from SAM library or a "fixed height" (4.5m) multiple choice connection facade from X-Plane lib. Is there a plan to create an angled rotunda connection with support in the middle as shown in the attached screen shot (Laminar lib facade) instead of a "split" corridor that SAM currently provides? Best regards.
  5. I agree 100%, this is totally unnecessary, SAM is interfering with how I set up my listing. And secondly when there is a SAM_Library folder already in there, it should not add another link at the top of my list. Please make it optional or remove it.
  6. I forgot how many times this had happened today I always re-start X-Plane to avoid hick-ups. I do not use "re-load" function too much.
  7. Hi @Marten@Stairport, Is there a specific reason why I am getting duplicated coordinates for a single item when trying to add DG? Here are 2 screenshots to show the problem. v2.0.1 Regards.
  8. PS. This might have happened after OpensceneryX update. Just FYI.
  9. Some more error lines (unfortunately). I hope below messages from log.txt will give you a clue as there are too many objects now to select the bad one 0:03:55.629 E/OBJ: The object Custom Scenery/SAM_Library/dockings/digits/eobt0_safedock.obj has unbalanced anim begins. 0:03:55.629 E/OBJ: The object Custom Scenery/SAM_Library/dockings/digits/eobt1_safedock.obj has unbalanced anim begins. 0:03:55.629 E/OBJ: The object Custom Scenery/SAM_Library/dockings/digits/eobt2_safedock.obj has unbalanced anim begins. 0:03:55.629 E/OBJ: The object Custom Scenery/SAM_Library/dockings/digits/eobt3_safedock.obj has unbalanced anim begins. Holding back the implementation until we get an update. Regards.
  10. These are the objects I used from new Library and I don't know which one is causing the error.
  11. There is an error in my log.txt file: Failed to find resource 'texture/ADB-Safegate-Safedock.png', referenced from file 'Custom Scenery/SAM_Library/dockings/types/'. Could you please check. Regards.
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