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  1. Version 2.0


    LTFJ - Sabiha Gokcen International Airport - Istanbul/TURKIYE This scenery is a re-work of my previous one that I had published about 2 years ago using a scenery from forums.x-plane.org site which was published and shared by Randy Westline as a freeware at that time. Some custom Terminal Buildings and a few others in the service area belong to that scenery as before. Main terminal, Car park (only visible if you use Natural version), Turkish Technic and Cargo Hangars along with many others were created by M. Ali Oguducu and Kamil Uzun. I also used various other objects from several freeware object libraries along with a couple of custom apron lights, runway markings, skid marks with the consent of the creator Kamil Uzun. X-Plane 11 native ATC Flows, Ground traffic and ATC Routes are working flawlessly. You will find 2 folders in the package (FLAT and NATURAL). As is, the scenery is the NATURAL one which should be used with the provided Overlays (pulled off of Alpilot's HD Mesh) and ZL14 Ortho files in place. Make sure to have all folders listed in proper order in the scenery_packs.ini file for intended rendering. Finally you should have 3 NEW folders (2 if you already have the overlays folder): _LTFJ_SabihaGokcen yOrtho4XP_Overlays zOrtho4XP_+40+029 and these should be listed in your scenery_packs.ini file in similar order. (There may be other items in between though.) Make sure that you do not already have ortho files for the mentioned tile and if so move them out to a safe place before you proceed copying the provided ones - just in case. If you want a FLAT scenery (with or without the Ortho) then you should copy "contents" of FLAT folder in to _LTFJ_SabihaGokcen/Earth nav data folder. Make sure you have the "Runways follow terrain contours" option selected on Settings > General tab for both FLAT and NATURAL choice. No static aircraft are placed on the main apron so if you want them, select the "Draw parked aircraft" option on the Settings > Graphics tab. You will see plenty of them for the eye candy if you have a powerful video card. If you prefer a high ZL ortho then you should copy the Patches folder to your Ortho4XP folder and run the tool. File location should look like this: ...\Ortho4XP\Patches\+40+020\+40+029\LTFJ.patch.osm If you understand what I wrote above you most likely know how to create ortho tiles with Ortho4XP. If not just watch some YT videos, I have one but unfortunately it is in Turkish. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahHY7p82kAI You need the following object libraries for this scenery to load and work properly: BS2001 Object Library CDB-Library THE-FAIB Aircraft Library TFS_Aircraft_Library The_Handy_Objects_Library ff_library MisterX_Library NAPS_library OpenSceneryX SAM_Library and plugin https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/90776-master-list-of-libraries/ https://forum.thresholdx.net/files/file/122-sam-scenery-animation-manager/ Thank you to the authors for creating, publishing and sharing all these plugins and libraries. Tested with X-Plane 11.41 and 11.50 using default mesh and Ortho4XP tiles and mesh. Thanks to Oscar Pilote for his great tool. Installation: Extract the _LTFJ_SabihaGokcen folder to your Custom Scenery folder. Disable/Remove/Delete previous scenery of LTFJ (if any), the choice is yours. Enjoy your flight to and from Sabiha Gokcen. M. Ali OGUDUCU / Kamil UZUN / Hayri BUBERCI 30/06/2020
  2. (I see that you are more active here than your mailbox, I am just posting my message here) Hi Marten, Are you planning to update SAM to 2.0.8 soon or is it going to take some more time?As I used subject "revised" items that you shared with me recently in my scenery it does not open up in other users' systems and in most cases causes CTD.Is it ok if I share these items in proper folder structure so that people can copy the files to their Plugins folder? Unfortunately I had to hide the scenery for the time being.Regards.
  3. It is an automated link to SAM_Library which is added by SAM itself. You should disable the option in SAM settings and create your own link in Custom scenery folder.
  4. Version GWS1.0.1


    LTFM Istanbul Airport for X-Plane 11 (11.30+) Version GWS1.0 NATURAL (Sloped) and FLAT versions. This is a slightly enhanced rendition of my LTFM Istanbul (future) Gateway version, furnished with SAM jetways, DGS panels and marshallers for a better immersion. The new layout includes RWY 18/36 which is due to open next week but there are no instruments yet to guide you to approach them. They will be added most probably with the next update of AIRAC files. Complete layout was redrawn based on more than 100 google Earth Pro hi-res screen shots stitched together and all ground markings, direction and location signs along with gate/ramp numbers are placed as close to real life as possible. As the default X-Plane mesh is still very much outdated along with the mesh created during orthophoto creation using Oscar Pilote's Ortho4XP, I made a patch file for the airport area using JOSM tool. I used official AIP charts to obtain the elevations at certain points of the runways and aprons and also used cross section obstacle charts to create the actual slopes of each and every one of the 5 current runways. Installation instructions are in the readme files. Required libraries (thanks to their authors): - BS2001 Objects Library - CDB-Library - Europe_Library - FJS_Scenery_Library - The_Handy_Objects_Library - MisterX_Library - OpenSceneryX - SAM_Library and plugin If you do not already have the libraries used in this package, you may find download links in the Master Library List: http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?showtopic=90776 Else Google is your friend. No lock is strong enough to stop thieves. Please respect Copyright. Enjoy. H Buberci June 14, 2020
  5. Thanks Marten, I still have too many to add so I will use the new ones for them. I have already added more than 150 of the Honeywell ones around the terminal so I'll just leave them for now. This project (LTFM) is the one that I already uploaded to the Gateway and now decided to add SAM jetways (finished as of now) and Marshallers/DGS panels to it.
  6. I filed a bug report at your website (stariport) but I think there is a problem logging back to it so wanted to share my problem here as well. The problem is with the FMT(5.0) DGS and before deciding on which type to use in my project, I placed one of each to my scenery using WED and tried to start up the sim to no avail - CTD al the time (I tried at least 5 times). Then I removed all but 1 to test each and only CTD happened with FMT, all other 4 DGS showed up perfectly fine. Tests were run with previous SAM plugin 2.0.6 and also the same happened with the current v2.0.7. I cannot attach the files as they are long gone now but you can probably get them from your website attached to my bug report.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    LTBJ İzmir Adnan Menderes Intl. Airport Scenery Including LTBK Gaziemir Military Airfield. New Apron addition 11/05/2020 Based on the latest official charts for the airport and also Satellite images, new apron is finally added to the scenery. Since the first release, many minor corrections were also applied to make the scenery more life-like hoping to give users more satisfaction and joy. Installation options: For those of you who want the easy installation, just place the unzipped _LTBJ_Izmir (Adnan Menderes) folder in your Custom Scenery folder and start your X-Plane 11. It should open up without a problem if you have all the required library folders in place. By default, if you had already selected "Runways follow terrain contours" option from X-Plane Settings/General tab you will have a natural sloped airport area. If not, you will have your scenery flat as a dining table. Having said that, although the airport area seems flat from a distant view, the slopes and elevation differences causes some parts of the huge 3D models like the terminal building to partially float over or sink inside the terrain and if you are not comfortable with this, you should then do one of the following: 1- "Flatten" this scenery within X-Plane by replacing the Earth nav data folder located in _LTBJ_Izmir (AKA Adnan Menderes) folder with the one provided in "Flat" folder. Restart you XP and you are good to go. You can always revert this by copying the Earth nav data folder over the current one from the "Natural" folder or extract the whole scenery package again. This is the easy option. 2- If you want to create your own tile for the region, copy the Patches folder provided within the package (which was created with JOSM) to your Ortho4XP folder and run O4XP to create the tile +38+027 at the desired ZL. This patch arranges the apron and runway elevations / slopes so that the 3D objects are placed properley on ground. The elevation data of LTBJ was obtained from official Airport Obstacle Chart. If you don't use the patch file, you will still have a scenery similar to the default mesh where you have some parts of the buildings floating and some parts sunken. The choice is yours. Required Libraries ff_library MisterX_Library NAPS_Library OpenSceneryX SAM_library (and plugin) Enjoy your flights to and from Izmir. P.S. Originally, this scenery was made for FSX by Hakan Daghan and I converted it to X-Plane 11 using WED. I used as much objects from the original scenery as I could but had to discard some due to excessive reflections and deformations. There is no published chart for the recent apron expansion yet so I used my imagination to place 3 Cargo Ramp Starts. As soon as a chart is published, I will try to modify the scenery based on it.
  8. Version 2.0


    LTAC Ankara Esenboga Intl. Airport v2 This scenery is a new rendition of an old Randy Westline LTAC conversion scenery that I had shared at forums.x-plane.org web site for X-Plane 10 and all custom 3D models are from that package. I simply re-arranged them (for the second time) but this time I based the layout on more recent geotiff satellite images downloaded from SAS Planet and is much more closer to current real life now - with the third runway in place but not active yet. All taxi lines on aprons and on taxiways had been re-drawn based on that geotiff imagery. Ground markings were all created with Sketchup by myself. ATC and Ground routes are all re-arranged as well. All gates and ramps have SAM marshallers and all Terminal gates have SAM (v.2.0.5) jetways. If you face terrain problems with this scenery - which is very likely - rename the apt - FLAT.dat file to apt.dat and copy it over the one in the Earth nav data folder. IRL, the terrain is very flat anyways. Anyone who wishes to try the shared patch file to re-create the Ortho tile should copy the shared +40+030 folder in to Ortho4XP/patches folder and run Ortho4XP at any desired ZL. This will flatten the terminal area so that the huge object is placed properly on ground and you will see slight gradients over the length of the runways as per official x-section charts. PS: Please make a copy of your current tile folder just in case and do not blame me afterwards; the patch works for me so it should work for you. Enjoy. 15/04/2020 Gerekli obje kitaplıkları / Libraries required for this scenery THE-FAIB Aircraft Library TFS_Aircraft_Library The_Handy_Objects_Library JB_Library ff_library MisterX_Library NAPS_library world-models OpenSceneryX R2_Library RD_Library SAM_Library and plugin v2.0.5 Check this site and the link below for any missing library https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/90776-master-list-of-libraries/
  9. Version 1.0.0


    LTCO Agri Ahmed-i Hani Airport (Eastern Anatolia) Turkiye This project started 4 days ago and I really had hard time to cope with the speed of M.Ali Oguducu who created all custom 3D objects while I did the WED part (as usual). For realistic rendition, this scenery requires Orthophoto which has to be created with Oscar Pilote's Ortho4XP tool. If you do not want to put yourself into trouble with all this extra work then there is a second option for you. Extract the content of _LTCO_Agri_GW.zip file to your Custom Scenery folder and you are good to go. You need to copy the contained "Patches" folder in your Ortho4XP folder and start creating the tile (I recommend ZL15 with ZL18 surroundings). Watch for the info "Patching LTCO.patch.osm" when you start creating the tile within the first 10-12 lines. If not shown, something is wrong with the Patches folder's "location". After creation of the tile, you should be able to see a proper rendition of the scenery as shown in the screenshots. In addition to the custom objects, you need OpenSceneryX and SAM_Library along with SAM plugin for marshallers to work. Tested with X-Plane 11.41 Enjoy your flights in and out of Agri.
  10. Yes I did use the same template as above. Only changed certain values for a couple of connections but not for the one pictured in my initial message. Attached the sam.xml file here. sam.xml
  11. They fit alright as facade application is much more flexible in terms of sections and directions. I remember reading in one article that you preferred SAM objects to be used in sceneries rather than Laminar's. Further, SAM has many options in height but Laminar has only one standard height of 4.5 m. May be you could do only the "rotunda" as an object in matching heights so we can attach 2 separate connection bridges with an angle easily. :)
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