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  1. I think it has not been changed since 11.30b4, better wait for Laminar's update on it. Thanks.
  2. For sure, there is a problem between SAM and XP 11.30r3. Dockings are not the same for both default aircraft (B737 and B747). I have the latest update 1.0.4 and cannot seem to get things right with 11.30. Hope you will find a solution soon as I do not want to test with XP 11.26 any more. EDIT: I am sorry, false alarm, pls disregard. I guess the problem is with B747 Default in XP 11.30r3. See the difference between JAR A330 and default B744 at the exact same location..
  3. I hope there is no such requirement for the DGS panels as I have already placed more than 200 of them to my other scenery. I know we are dealing with somewhat moving target here but should this no be automatically updated after installing (copying over the old files) a complete new version by replacing the objects in the scenery with the new ones? I know nothing about coding or 3D so this might be a silly question, though I had to ask . Regards.
  4. Here are some (5) Cold & Dark start-up screenies in XP11.30 and XP11.26 with default B747 and B737 and the dockings are messed up in both versions. Could you lead me to the right direction how to solve this please? @Marten@Stairport Regards.
  5. Which video did you watch? Watch immediately after 12' 55'' of my most recent video (2019 01 07_18 04 30) for Beacon lights switching to ON.
  6. Video uploaded just now, I can confirm it is working. my A320 version is 00801, I don't do betas usually (except Zibo ) .
  7. I already tried that but retrying and recording it as of now.
  8. No, I did not use the authoring menu Marten There is certainly something different between X-Plane 11.26 and 11.30. You can watch a video I recorded right now (before updating SAM plugin to 1.0.3) and decide for yourself. I started at the same spot in the same airport scenery (to which I added about 200 docking panels unfortunately and only 3 jetways fortunately) for testing purposes. You see the behavior of jetway at start-up for yourself. Search for H Buberci in Youtube for my account and check the most recent upload. Tags FF A320U, SAM1.0.2 EDIT: I just uploaded another short video showing the docking after a short taxi.
  9. Strange because I always start a new flight after re-starting the sim, never ever fly 2 flights in line within the same session.
  10. I tested a departure point which had SAM jetway and the aircraft was connected to the terminal at cold and dark state and the jetway pulled back as soon as I turned the beacon lights on for departure.
  11. I just finished one pier with 3 jetways serving 3 different a/c. Just have to try with the light grey option of the facade to get a better match (I hope). The next thing would be to add the HSBC logo to the Jetways. WDIT: By the way, I had real hard time matching the level of facade and the jetway - for future reference; I used Solid 4.0 m option of Type 1.
  12. +1 - This is a must. Can we expect some options soon @Marten@Stairport? These jetway and wall extensions are from Laminar stock lib and they do not match at all
  13. Well, I wouldn't know about the departure as the scenery was not furnished with SAM jetways
  14. Just to make this clear, the Jetway I set up in my scenery project docked to FF A320 automatically. This was a nice surprise for me after a long flight I also have a video from replay but cannot share a link here - or I don't know how to .
  15. Is it really necessary to have a range of 10000 m (10 km) while selecting a nearby docking object or Jetway? If you have more than a few within the close vicinity, selecting a proper distance is too hard with this kind of a range. Could this be allowed to be set by the user or better reduce it to 500 m or so. I am sure you have your reasons but just had to ask regards.

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