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  1. If you mean the "apron textures", you are right, they should be changed if you have the HD scenery installed. Enjoy the scenery.
  2. There is ortho imagery in the scenery for the airport area and even if you use stock x-plane you will have them visible and your set-up looks just fine.
  3. HD Airport? I know nothing about that. LTFJ must be listed above any such add-ons so any other scenery will not be shown. You can share a screen shot if you like. Then the errors you are getting at start are just warnings, if you are happy with those popping up every time you are near LTFJ, be my guest I cannot stand those. Enjoy.
  4. Replace the attached library.txt file with the one you have in this location: Custom Scenery/THE-FAIB Aircraft Library You can search yours for "Andalou" and replace it with "Anadolu" if you do not want to copy the one I attached here, this is the error that the authors made and it has to be corrected. library.txt You are also missing the NAPS_Library so please find it and install to your Custom scenery folder. If you still face problems send me the latest log.txt file after installing above missing items.
  5. Hi, Your problem is with SAM_Library: 0:00:58.789 E/SCN: Failed to find resource 'SAM_Library/dockings/FMT_5.0m.agp', referenced from scenery package 'Custom Scenery/_LTFM_Istanbul_Intl_v2.0/'. 0:00:58.789 E/SCN: Custom Scenery/_LTFM_Istanbul_Intl_v2.0/Earth nav data/+40+020/+41+028.dsf: 0:00:58.789 E/SCN: Unable to locate .agp: SAM_Library/dockings/FMT_5.0m.agp You need to remove C:\Users\TRAN KIM BAO\Desktop\X-Plane 11\Custom Scenery\2-SAM_Library folder and install it from scratch using "SAM Suite". The library will be automatically added to your Custom scenery
  6. This should be related to NAVDATA that you are using, if you update to current then this problem will also vanish
  7. I can only ask you to check my replies to previous comments and reviews to see if you have similar issues with others. I strongly advise you to check whether you have a previously installed SAM_Library in your Custom Scenery folder (remove it if you have) and let the "latest" SAM_Suite create a link for it. Also make sure to have the latest versions of necessary libraries. If these won't work for you, send me your log.txt file after trying to start-up at LTFM so that I will check for any errors.
  8. How about considering updating your "SAM plugin" rather than telling people to delete the sam.xml file?
  9. Press ENTER when that window pops up, it will continue loading. I suffered the same situation so may be @Marten@Stairportwill consider making that window smaller or sizable.
  10. Version 3.0.0


    LTBJ İzmir Adnan Menderes Intl. Airport Senaryosu / Scenery LTBK Gaziemir senaryosunu da içermektedir / Including LTBK Gaziemir Military Training Airfield. This scenery is one level up based on the previous version and almost all 3D models are made from scratch to give users a better immersion while using it. We hope this version adds to your joy you get out of your flight simulator. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g
  11. This page is full of similar complaints arised from wrong/old SAM installations. Please check and revert so that we can find a solution to your problem. eg. Failed to find resource 'apt_concrete.dcl', referenced from file 'Custom Scenery/_LTFM_Istanbul_Intl_v2.0/Objects/Ground Markings/Textures/'. This error is certainly not the cause of your crash, I also have it and it will be eliminated soon.
  12. There must be something blocking your graphics card, I own a DELL laptop with 1060 Graphics card (6GB VRAM) and I get 30 fps in average with med to high graphics settings (I never use parked aircraft and reflections).
  13. Make sure to have all required libraries up to date (including SAM) and share your log.txt file for me to check if the culprit is LTFM related.
  14. Thanks for your kind words. Please read this message from reviews and download the attached file and use it to create your new tile. Detailed explanation is already there. Regards.
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