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  1. I must alert all the time :). So if another scenery is selected (by mistake or otherwise) will the changes be written to that (wrongly selected) xml file or to the one in current scenery folder?
  2. Hi again, Can this "Store in" alphabetically sorted drop down list box be changed to a "fixed option" ie. to whatever scenery we are working on by default? Sometimes I tend to forget to select the Scenery I am working on and it confuses me whether my changes are added to the current one I work on or to the one that is on the screen. I am sure you had your reasons but just wanted to point it out. You cannot be working on a 6000 mile away KLAS Mc Carran Scenery while you are situated at and working on LTFM
  3. Thanks for confirming. Modifications/changes will be solely on the texture side so I hope it will not affect the scenery in future versions.
  4. Don't hold it back, pls share your work with the community.
  5. Hi @Marten@Stairport, Is it allowed to modify (textures of) jetways/marshallers and share them as separate objects in the scenery package - of course mentioning that they are originally SAM objects? Currently we have a working copy of our LTFM scenery with modified SAM jetways but my colleague decided to re-do all our custom 3D objects with Blender rather than using the current ones he had created with Sketchup (he is almost finished by the way) so we postponed the update a little bit more. Recently he asked me if we can modify your marshaller and so I decided to write and ask for your permission. The scenery is obviously going to be a freeware one as v1.0 which had Autogate by Marginal. Also, poles of DGS' are not visible unless you come very close to the object. Can this be corrected? And finally, when can we expect v2 of SAM? Thanks. PS. Let me know if you want to get a copy of WIP LTFM v2 package.
  6. earth.wed.xml files are created by WED (world Editor) when you SAVE a scenery file after making changes to it. You have to visit https://gateway.x-plane.com/ and do some reading if you want to start creating / editing scenery files.
  7. I must admit that after the updates, the automatic connection of the jetways to FF A320 is broken. You can manually connect though. Just fyi.
  8. LTFJ Sabiha Gokcen Istanbul already shared here in the downloads section.
  9. I guess you haven't come close to the Marshaller. They appear when you are close enough to them.
  10. Hi Marten, Do you have plans to share some connection bridges suitable for your jetways?
  11. Version 1.0.0


    LTFJ - Sabiha Gokcen International Airport - Istanbul/TURKIYE This scenery is a re-work of my previous one that I had published about 3 years ago using a scenery from forums.x-plane.org site which was published and shared by Randy Westline as a freeware at that time. Custom Terminal Buildings and some others around the airport belong to that scenery as before. I also used many other objects from various freeware object library along with a couple of custom apron light objects with the consent of the creator, Kamil Uzun. I also implemented the recently published SAM jetways and DGS panels which means I have to thank the authors for creating and publishing it as a freeware plugin for freeware scenery authors. Thank you Marten. With this plugin, you can have 2 jetways docking to a Cat D or higher aircraft if you select the appropriate Gates for them (201 to 208-HJ Gates). All the rest of the Gates (201A & B to 208A & B) have single jetways for up to Cat C aircraft. All ramps are furnished with either a Docking Guidance System or a marshaller and marshallers only appear when you come close to the ramp or gate, otherwise they are not visible. You need to obtain the library and the plugin from this link and follow instructions for installation. https://forum.thresholdx.net/files/file/122-sam-scenery-animation-manager/ X-Plane 11 native ATC Flows, Ground traffic and ATC Routes are working flawlessly. All ramp starts are placed at their actual coordinates and all except 5 (ramps 4 to 8 ) of the ramps are in place. Scenery is also X-Life ready. LTFJ.xlf file is included in the package and you need to carry it over to ../Resources/plugins/X-Life/Airports folder for it to work. I created and tested this scenery WITHOUT selecting the "FLATTEN" option because the default X-Plane 11 and, to some extent, Orto4XP v130 Mesh looked realistic enough and I like it this way. If your general X-Plane 11 "Runways follow terrain contours" setting is active/selected and - If you still want to have a FLAT airport, you need to copy the apt.dat file from FLAT folder to ...X-Plane 11\Custom Scenery\_LTFJ_Sabiha_Gokcen\Earth nav data folder. - If you want a natural sloped runway and apron, you can use the one that is placed inside the NATURAL folder which is the default option. No static aircraft placed in this scenery, if you want them, select the "Draw parked aircraft" option in X-Plane 11 > Settings > Graphics tab. You will see plenty of them for the eye candy if you have a powerful video card. You need the following library for this scenery to load and work properly: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/90776-master-list-of-libraries/ BS2001 Object Library FJS_Scenery_Library MisterX_Library NAPS_library OpenSceneryX SAM_Library Tested both in X-Plane 11.26 and 11.30 with default mesh and with Ortho4XP 1.30 tiles and mesh. Thanks to Oscar Pilote for his great tool and to all Object Library creators. Installation: Extract the _LTFJ_Sabiha_Gokcen folder to your Custom Scenery folder. Disable/Remove previous scenery (if any). Enjoy your flight to and from Sabiha Gokcen.
  12. I think it has not been changed since 11.30b4, better wait for Laminar's update on it. Thanks.
  13. For sure, there is a problem between SAM and XP 11.30r3. Dockings are not the same for both default aircraft (B737 and B747). I have the latest update 1.0.4 and cannot seem to get things right with 11.30. Hope you will find a solution soon as I do not want to test with XP 11.26 any more. EDIT: I am sorry, false alarm, pls disregard. I guess the problem is with B747 Default in XP 11.30r3. See the difference between JAR A330 and default B744 at the exact same location..
  14. I hope there is no such requirement for the DGS panels as I have already placed more than 200 of them to my other scenery. I know we are dealing with somewhat moving target here but should this no be automatically updated after installing (copying over the old files) a complete new version by replacing the objects in the scenery with the new ones? I know nothing about coding or 3D so this might be a silly question, though I had to ask . Regards.
  15. Here are some (5) Cold & Dark start-up screenies in XP11.30 and XP11.26 with default B747 and B737 and the dockings are messed up in both versions. Could you lead me to the right direction how to solve this please? @Marten@Stairport Regards.
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