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  1. Ron Baruah

    Ortho4XP stuck on step 2

    I am having similar problems with step 2.5 i.e masks. I use the latest version and the progress bar just won't move. I did tweak the mask settings by putting mode as 3 steps and putting the other values as true.
  2. Hey @Marten@Stairport thanks for the amazing plugin. At the moment docking and jetways, apart from windmills and hangars, are the center of all attraction, but one thing we know for sure is SAM has bigger potential. Will it be possible to post a roadmap of development and what features can we expect in the future?
  3. Ron Baruah

    List of best freeware scenery

    You should really checkout the sceneries made by rcavinash123. He makes the entire airport with custom objects wherever libraries don't meet the need.
  4. Ron Baruah

    SAM - Scenery Animation Manager

    It might sound weird. A few days back I woke up from an odd dream where I saw some amazing jetways for X-Plane, multiple connections, no restrictions like autogate and turns out dreams do come true. SAM is wonderful platform with many possibilities, the potential and power is too great to be foreseen. At first it might look quite hard to implement it in your scenery but it is as easy as just placing the objects through WED. The developer is a nice guy, he did all the hard work of mapping the jetways to almost every aircraft. No matter where or how you park, the jetway is going to come provided you are in the range. However if you might feel it is quite slow when it comes to connecting to the aircraft, don't worry thats how it works in real life. The feature which really impressed me was that the jetway actually interacts with the aircraft. It constantly adjusts to the configuration and it can be put on and off multiple times without moving the aircraft (a feature that was not possible in autogate). However this plugin does have its share of bugs like any other plugin fresh off the design studio does, but this not a thing to worry about as the developer is really active and constantly improving the package. At the moment only two jetways designs each from steel and glass are available, in the future I hope there will be more designs as the library gets updated.
  5. Ron Baruah

    Suggesting features

    Recently on a 737MAX flight deck visit I saw the second display area, where you see the engine values usually(not sure what it is called on a MAX) had feed from cameras around the cockpit door. Will it be possible to implement that feature.

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