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  1. It is because it feels good to belittle someone. These same trolls are the ones frustrated about a lack of real life or sense of connection to oneself. So they critique and take it out on the ethernet. Odd as it sounds, the same ones who destroy another's life by reality or on the web, are the same ones who need to change life. That is why extremism can only be defeated at its core, the individual human itself. In all, it feels good to condemn, coverse and belittle. I do not know which is worse, violence or ignorance. I only know unsuccessful people do not take responsibility for their
  2. Ditto. I for one, are enjoying X-Plane with X-Camera and TrackIR too. Dont get to bummed up on the VR hype. According to Navigraph survey, some odd 20% of simmers are using VR hardware. So native VR support should be included. Not, if the product is stated to be compatible, but lingering issues reside, then its not fun. But like all new technologies, I do not buy in the hype, cause I know it takes quite a few years before specs catch up to produce desired results. (I remember the days I was using 1080 HD before everyone else; slow buffering speeds etc etc etc. It took a few years before
  3. The ER-BBJ paint of Aerotranscargo on the org forums, that I use with release 1.0 of Sparky. Heres the Link... Theres also a default paint for the BCF sistership, ER-JAI available for the 747. Thanks for the list.
  4. kastyr1


    AviTab tablet toggle via Plugins is a moveable box and has the same functionality as the ones with integration via a 3D eFB for example. Or displayed on the EICAS in f.e. Sparky744. But I feel as if I did not answer your question. Nor, did I feel I understood it.
  5. Good luck in solving the issue! And don't forget to post what equipment you are using your VR on - as it may have something to do with it. But to me, it seems like a display issue or some sort of transparency issue. I do not think it is the plane itself, though, we know now its not made for VR out of the box; I cannot confirm or deny it. SimVRLabs should have more on this, lol.
  6. Alright. Well, I linked to the page to the ini300 VR config file above. For more info or discussion relating to VR and the A300, could be taken there. As it looks like ini have given the VR job to SimVRLabs.
  7. Hii. I am not affiliated with SImVRLabs nor did I intend to imply such. Have you had any luck with your issue? Or reported said issue to the developer itself, iniBuilds?
  8. @BiologicalNanobotAny ideas or updates?
  9. @Popham graham Are you using native VR with the ini300 or are you using SimVRLabs modification for said plane? For further info about said mod, go here: PS: I see you are a member of the VR club, have you been able to resolve your radar sweep issue?
  10. Default Simbrief plan abbreviation is DEP airport + DES airport usually followed by 01 before the file prefix. (.fms/.fmc e.g). Speaking on behalf the 700 and 900, I haven't tested in flight, but should work the same way as zibo´s. As for most issues regarding NG, Zibo, Ultimate, can be solved with google and critical thinking. If there are no flight plan routes in the FMS Output folder in X-Plane, Simbrief isn't loading in via downloader. They need to be set manually both shortcut and confirm outputting into f.e. AviTab and said Output folder. There are no shortcuts in life - and as shoul
  11. @Junik A little late here, but you may get "ASHA" for Vulkan/OpenGL 11.50+. The controller is through the FWL -> Macros. Higher resolution, better shadows. Controller also allows for more customisation to your shadows other than just the resolution as well.
  12. Good morning Magnus, slept well on this? Great news indeed and definitely a good start to the day! So for now its only OpenGL of .41 and .50+ right, and Vulkan Vulkan Vulkan Vulkan next!? (you did say it so just repeating what is already stated) Sense of humor I see, but I know, there's nothing funny about hardwiring such a product. Can't really imagine the sear difficulty and head scratchers along the way 1.14 stable release. One word to sum up: Amazing.
  13. Some people really need anger management and/or therapy. I don't know, but to me, it just defeats the purpose of what our hobby is about.
  14. Good riddance Magnus!... at least I can tell you & Threshold have been busy.
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