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  1. @Neil_R Thanks for your input; and so I've seen. I have updated to 3.2.0RC4 recently, just haven't tried it in Vulkan, though it is natively supported with 3.2.0+. Have you tried the Ground Route Generator by any chance? Now, as you said, the normal way of adding ground routes is deprecated (Use "Dynamic Ground Routes" within the WT3 interface) I read about the more advanced and in-depth the Airport Operations File is, some users have reported that its recommended to "fill in the basic needs" and let WT3 do the rest. Right now I'm trying to grapple my head around runway opera
  2. Thanks for the manual zip folder. Also stuck on automatic installation of 2.2.6.
  3. Greetings friends, I created this thread in the hopes and request of sharing insight to testing of "World Traffic 3 Ground Routes & Operations" files. On basis of upgrading, testing, information, tips&tricks to the said WT3 files for better support to freeware airports. It seems the latest stable v3.1.9 ships with the opportunity to test its AI traffic capabilities, but if the airport does not come with defined parking assignments and taxi routes/flow, there will be no life at the airport outside of the active runway(s). Much to the rise of SAM vs. Autogate debate, its also add
  4. ini shouldn't have marketed the A300(s) as VR compatible. It also seems to the naked eye that they are hesitant in making their products nativeVR compatible moving forward too.
    One does not have to have a brain to know this is a welcomed addition to the community.
  5. Great, now we just need Paris de Gaulle, Heathrow and Schipol-Amsterdam to complete the "grand airport set" of Europe; seeing El Prat, Madrid, Munich, Frankfurt are already here. Aaaaaand latest news of Glasgow being added to the dev. list.
  6. I started with FS98 and FS2000, but my hayday was really FS9 and FS9.1. Lately X-Plane has been solace with its interesting flight models and classics availability.
  7. Interesting rank degrade from First Class to Stowaway Class. Thanks for the punishment, whoops, lol.
  8. Kalitta Air Cargo and Lufthansa (all three classic through current livery). Thank you in advance.
  9. Well spotted! Maybe get a library or gateway version of this airfield first, then talk extensions?
  10. It is possible, but needs to be manually converted and then configured for each airport and their gates, ramps, hangars etc. How specifically, I wouldn't know at this time. Join the SAM club and ask there as user @Full-Flightsuggests. Or watch a few of Captain K-Mans videos on Youtube. Happy hunting!
  11. A welcome addition to FSE & GA lovers alike. The pictures depict great care and represent attention to detail in creating the modifications needed. The list on the org is thoroughly written; check that out and you can see & feel the love put into this. I wouldn't say feature, but I can smell it... just like kerosine in the morning! It is a modification. I know a few payware products that should take note. Aaaaand updates inbound. Get it, if GA is your thing. This is not a just a respray.
  12. Indeed, if we can't fly, fly can come to us!
  13. Really good non-clickbait title. Free travel indeed.
  14. @fermonroA bit late, but here's an explanation for NO2 provider. Should be similar for Eniro. If unsure, check Kitten/Magnus´first post on this thread.
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