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  1. Well spotted! Maybe get a library or gateway version of this airfield first, then talk extensions?
  2. It is possible, but needs to be manually converted and then configured for each airport and their gates, ramps, hangars etc. How specifically, I wouldn't know at this time. Join the SAM club and ask there as user @Full-Flightsuggests. Or watch a few of Captain K-Mans videos on Youtube. Happy hunting!
  3. A welcome addition to FSE & GA lovers alike. The pictures depict great care and represent attention to detail in creating the modifications needed. The list on the org is thoroughly written; check that out and you can see & feel the love put into this. I wouldn't say feature, but I can smell it... just like kerosine in the morning! It is a modification. I know a few payware products that should take note. Aaaaand updates inbound. Get it, if GA is your thing. This is not a just a respray.
  4. Indeed, if we can't fly, fly can come to us!
  5. Really good non-clickbait title. Free travel indeed.
  6. @fermonroA bit late, but here's an explanation for NO2 provider. Should be similar for Eniro. If unsure, check Kitten/Magnus´first post on this thread.
  7. When & if JustFlight release their B4 model. Source: JustFlight
  8. 7zip also decompresses & extracts .rar files, no? But as you said, you wont get into the story.
  9. Nothing in your X-Plane -> Resources -> Plugins folder either remotely related to installation of SAM?
    No issues on Windows client. Works as advertised. Some paths need to be setup manually. No biggie.
  10. Think he just released PW engines for the JAR A330.
  11. Absolutely @Herr_Hornbuckele... that should intrigue Carda. If the systems are already in place, then all we need is the model. In other unpopular opinion, how can payware releases botch the engine models? On a plus side that would allow the magic of Carda to instill.
  12. Exactly. Suggest this thread being closed - and thanks for removing solicited content.
  13. I think the JAR 330 is CEO and the Trent 7000s are for the NEOs, which is a new equipment type in itself? Btw here is a wild suggestion: default MD-80. lol!
  14. I have to agree the 777 engines needs some love most definitively. But if I would have to select & vote, then it would be for RB 211 engines on the 747. Don't take my words on it though Carda. Modding these engines would need a small flight model update, no?
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