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  1. To Whom It May Concern: Please completely ignore my last topic on tutorials for the 737-700U. There is a page on the Electronic Flight Bag, on opening and closing the aircraft doors. I had to move the mouse around which shows a arrow pointing to page 2. It's not too obvious; however scrolling closer to the Flight Bag frame, the arrow show's up, so you can access page two. Once the doors are open, go back to page one and access the air stairs icon and "WALLA", they deploy. I was able to review some tutorials (Cold and Dark Procedures), that showed the Flight Bag procedure. Again
  2. To Whom It May concern: I recently posted a topic, concerning that the Ultimate 737-700 wasn't working properly in X Plane 11.50. I need to clarify my position regarding my last post. I'm having problems opening and closing the passenger cabin entrance doors. I have no idea how to open them. The Air stairs won't deploy, since the doors aren't open. When I select the ground crew alternative, the cargo doors open. If I deselect this option the cargo doors remain open. Normally open and closing doors are accessed via the FMC. Seems that's not possible with this model. The aircraft
  3. To Captain Kitten: Please be advise I recently downloaded the Ultimate 737-700U and the 900U. I installed both aircraft; however when using the Avitab utility I'm not able to open the main aircraft doors, nor the airstairs as well. The wheel chocks appear on the 700; however they don't appear on the 900U. I downloaded the recent updates 3.37, for both aircraft. I'm not sure if I need to update the latest avitab utility. I'm assuming there may some compatibility issues with X plane 11.50 and these aircraft. I really could use your help, since both freeware aircraft are outstan
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