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  1. Amazing! Just amazing. Thanks for sharing, people.
  2. Amazing. The water and fluid simulations are quite impressive.
  3. What are you talking about? That's the way clouds look. The base of a cloud is flat. The reason for this is, that is because clouds are formed, when vapor in the atmosphere condense. This process is depended on certain factors like temperature / altitude, air-pressure and water saturation of the air. Because of these physical factors, you will always see cloud bases as flat (since this is the altitude, that water vapor begins to condense) and the various cloud layers will always be at the same height. Depended on the composition of the atmosphere.
  4. Impressive imagery! The world really is an amazing place. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Impressive! Thanks for the hard work and update.
  6. It does look pretty amazing. A real game-changer! @Captain Kitten - Please don't pay attention to that guy. I don't know what planet (or even Universe) he's living in, but - to be honest - you'll always encounter these kind of users/customers in this community by their weird claims of ownership and/or demands of knowledge. The flipside of being open about the development, is that you automatically give credence and airtime to these people... Thankfully, they're in the minority. Just ignore them. /Sorry for off-topic...
  7. Amazing! Absolutely amazing work! Looking forward to the release.
  8. Believe me, they will These shots look absolutely amazing! Looks like X-Plane will be my go-to sim from now on... I have been asking for true 3D volumetric clouds for ages. Thank you!
  9. Thanks, @Captain Kitten and @Xephyr for confirming multiple cloud types. I was a little worried, that the only cloud types, which would be depicted, would be the flat ones.
  10. Impressive! Looks very nice But - why is the sun visible through the clouds? Shouldn't a cloud-cover of that thickness, block the sun?
  11. +1 Would love to see a thunderstorm depiction.
  12. Interesting... would the same be true for airport objects and buildings, then?
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