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  1. Lufthansa2000

    The beauty of X Plane 11

    I love my simulator and I am sure
  2. Lufthansa2000

    Real XP Reshade config

    Version 1.0.0


    This preset will add some ambient light and it adds some real life feelings to your simulator. For installation just put the ini into your XP root folder and load it in reshade. It may have a little frame impact Added effects: - brighter environment can be toggled with ctr+alt+a) - ambient light (can be toggled with shift+a) - motion blurr (recommended for screenshot only can be toggled with alt+m) - sharpen effect (can´t be toggled off with shortcut, leave it on ) The file on XP org is also from me, no need to report Enjoy ^^
  3. Lufthansa2000

    FF 777-200ER/LR/F PBR fanblade fix

    Version 1.0.0


    Hi ! This is my first upload here, I hope you´ll like it I fixed the PBR (NML) of the FlightFactor 777 fanblades. They were too reflective, so I removed the reflection of the fanblades and now they look stunning. I am also using some optional engine textures from MB https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/25734-engines-and-wheels-texture-b777-200lrf300er/ Installation: Make a backup first ! Copy the file into the objects folder of your 777 ENJOY ^^
  4. Lufthansa2000

    A Decent Guide to Crisp Shadows

    My only way to fix it a little bit was : set( "sim/private/controls/fbo/shadow_cam_size", 10000.0 ) set( "sim/private/controls/shadow/adhoc/extra_far", 3.0 ) set( "sim/private/controls/shadow/bias_const", 0.0 ) set( "sim/private/controls/shadow/bias_slope", 10.0 ) set( "sim/private/controls/shadow/cockpit_near_adjust", 3.0 ) set( "sim/private/controls/shadow/csm/far_limit", 1000.0 ) set( "sim/private/controls/shadow/csm_split_exterior", 4.0 ) set( "sim/private/controls/shadow/csm_split_interior", 4.0 ) set( "sim/private/controls/shadow/extra_near", 1.0 ) set( "sim/private/controls/shadow/overlap_ratio", 0.001000 ) set( "sim/private/controls/shadow/total_fade_ratio", 0.000999 ) set("sim/private/controls/skyc/max_shadow_angle",-89) set("sim/private/controls/skyc/min_shadow_angle",-90)
  5. Lufthansa2000

    Normal Map Creator - Free

    This is a good link ! Thank you !
  6. Lufthansa2000

    Boeing 777 Series 3D Cockpit update

    Any news ?
  7. Lufthansa2000

    CRZ playlist

    I love listening to chilling music while flying, so I created a playlist of some chilling music. Maybe you want to listen to it Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0O9LHidib4proXBvdYXfn_ThsrjNeG9S
  8. Lufthansa2000

    A Decent Guide to Crisp Shadows

    This is a pretty good tutorial/help, but since XP 11.30 I still get those jagged shadows
  9. Lufthansa2000

    X-Plane 2019-01-20 11-47-09.png


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