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  1. Am I wrong or is the grain gone? @Captain Kitten
  2. Version 2.0.0


    Hi guys! This is the second version of my "Real XP" Reshade preset! This preset costs you 0 FPS! It adds artificial light effects, glowing textures at night and brighter more realistic days. If you like my work you may consider to buy me a coffe: click me ATTENTION: When it is getting dark press ctrl + alt + a to turn off tone map. Otherwise it is too bright and it could look weird. Enjoy ^^
  3. Have you ever been a beta tester before? Yes If so for what? 3j Cabin sounds, Blue Sky sounds Are you familiar with test routines? Yes How much time can you dedicate to this in a week? 24/7, no joke Which weekdays are you most likely available? Every day Your location (Country and City): Frankfurt, Germany Your Discord name: Alex Walker#6009 Your system spec: CPU i7-7700k @4,8 Ghz GPU GTX 1080TI 11GB RAM 32GB DDR4 Ram by Corsair Screen resolution 1929x1080P List your addons: X Enviro, FF A320, Toliss A319/321, IXEG 737, Zibo 737, some payware sceneries, XP Realistic Pro, Extended night lights, European library, SFD Global, FF 757/767/777
  4. Color correction and some INOP stickers. I've got the permission from Toliss to publsih my mods
  5. Version 1.7.0


    Hi folks ! Today I may present you my latest creation! The grey panels mod for the Toliss A321/A319! The color is based on real photos I've taken last year in a Condor A321 cockpit. Disclaimer The night lights are not the ones from the x-plane.org. I've got permission from Toliss to modify his textures (he also purchased totedemac's cockpit mod) If you like my work you may consider to buy me a coffe: click me What does the mod change? The color of the panels and walls were changed from blue to grey New background lights INOP stickers and CAT III stickers (optional) Maximum takeoff weight on the center WXR panel knob fix The buttons are darker: A/P, Autobrakes, Overhead buttons... Darker circuit breakers buttons Darker RMI Outside windows light artifact Installation Make a backup first in case you don't like the mod! Toliss/objects/panels.png Toliss/objects/panelsStd.png Toliss/objects/walls.png Toliss/objects/wallsStd.png Toliss/objects/knobs.png Toliss/objects/knobsStd.png Toliss/objects/window.png Toliss/objects/text_LIT.png -> A321 only for now If you want the panel mod for a specific airline only proceed as filed: Download and extract your desired resolution into your specific livery. The path sould be: Toliss/liveries/"specific livery"/objects If you want the panel mod for all airlines proceed as filed: Download and extract your desired resolution into your objects folder of your Toliss A321: Toliss/objects I hope you like the mod. Happy landings I also highly recommend this mod: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/58792-pfd-and-nd-mod-for-tolisss-a321-v102/
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Enjoy ^^
  7. Yes! The RG mod caused this and then I switched back to default zibo
  8. You can fix this by setting the lightning of IAE fast L and R to Glas(exterior) in planemaker
  9. Hi ! I used the ZIBO v33h for a very long time. Now I downloaded v34_11 and I have a problem. I get no duct pressure at all. My APU was running, the generators were on and the APU bleed was on too. There was still no pressure. I thought it might be a little bug and I could avoid it by using the ASU, but even this didn't help. How can I get the packs running ? PS. I have the same problem with the 737-700U
  10. Any news ? I would love to use them, please tell me you can send this ^^
  11. I am very sorry to hear that . I don't know the reason. I hope there will be a fix soon
    It does a pretty good job ! Thank you, I like it !
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Hi folks ! Here is my X-Vision preset ! It adds "warm light" , realistic cloud contrast, rain fix and some more fixes... It also fixes the graphic bug, where the sun was "glowing" through the clouds during sunset (which was too bright). My Reshade config is highly recommended ! X-Visibility is highly recommended ! For clouds textures I use ASXP clouds. Cheers ! The download in x-plane.org is also from me
    This mod is amazing and adds realism. Thank you !
  13. Lufthansa2000

    The beauty of X Plane 11

    I love my simulator and I am sure
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