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  1. x-plane.at - LOWL Linz http://www.x-plane.at/drupal/node/233 x-plane.at - LOWK Klagenfurt http://www.x-plane.at/drupal/LOWK x-plane.at - LOWS Salzburg http://www.x-plane.at/drupal/LOWS are also released
  2. ChristianH727 open a Jetway of Marten in Google sketchup. You will understand how that work. ist quite easy to animate it. nice regards Patrick
  3. and if you use the FF A320 you must trigger the gate manualy, or do you have solved the Problem Marten?
  4. short red -> medium plane distance White Long -> heavy plane distance
  5. @Aaron you could also import it to Sketchup, also made my own texures for it.
  6. I'm Pretty shure not, cause I was driving at this Taxiline before. and there was no Marshaller. Also checkt a second time, still the same. made some screenshoots Pic1 arriving stand -> false Marshaller shown (after passing his Aircraft end Position) Pic2 when wrong Marshaller disapear and correct Marshaller apear (he is already in lengh mode, so when he put his arms up) Pic3 Final endposition, engine still running and wrong Marshaller apear again
  7. seems not do work Just drove into this direction of the parking spot until I get the "X" sign (engine still running)
  8. LOWG, LOWI -> x-plane.at Upcoming LOWL, LOWK, LOWS, LOWW from x-plane.at all will be freeware
  9. Hey Marten it's me again have a small request for you, we are working at the Moment on LOWK and have a Problem. the Position could be taxied from both sides, now the Problem is that both Marshaller are getting activated. Is it possible for next update to set Status 1 only if Aircraft is +- a specifik value? for example +- 140° to the final Position? nice regards Patrick Edit: If you didn't want to insert it, just say it and I will make my own Workaround for that problem Insert other media.url
  10. shure you can, you only must add the Parameter for extensions ect. in the Animation of your jetway see last Picture
  11. @Marten@Stairport also found missing "0" at last position of Honeywell-AVDGS-2.5m.obj didn't looked if the Problem also exist at the other highs
  12. Hey Any Chance to get Information About the Docking Guide System. cause want to do my own for LOWW acc. real life. but I'm not shure which state (-1.0, 0.0, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0) is for what. so you could give as a list? (if already existing, sorry didn't have found it)
  13. thats no Problem for me, animated by my own, cause also Need promotion it so just fine, would only be nice for the others
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