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  1. @Marten@Stairport Since the Type 2 Glass Jetway (shown here) has a larger opening than the Type 1, the clipping isn't as severe for both doors ( it only clips vertically, which can also be seen in the photo)
  2. @Marten@Stairport with your xml file, I have the opened door clipping through the hood of the jetway. This happens with the Type 1 Glass jetway, which has a smaller opening than the Type 2 (but is the only glass type that can reach 6.0m.) It happens before (spawn) and after (using the guidance system or a marshaller) a flight
  3. Ahh ok, I see what you mean I offset the jetways so that the doors would not clip through the Type 2, as the opening and the door itself usually fit within the jetway "hood" in real life
  4. Hmm it seems to work visually with the jetways... I'm interested in how the alignment is actually done
  5. I've tweaked the file to be a bit more precise, since the Type 1 Glass jetway (not my preferred but is the only glass to have a 6.0m variant) is smaller than the Type 2. @Marten@Stairport, does this file work for you? aircraft.xml
  6. So, I was checking all the bridges that come with v1.1.0, and I noticed that there was no bridge for the Type 2 Glass design. I am just wondering is there are plans to include a bridge with the design, as that would fit in better than the Type 1 Glass at some airports (ex RPSP) PS I'm also wondering if there will be a 6.0m Type 2 Glass Jetway. Thanks!
  7. @Marten@Stairport The new file fixes the issue. Thank you so much!
  8. Hmm I always delete the SAM folder in plugins and Custom Scenery when I update. Could it be a different A350 version? I'm using v1.5.2
  9. @Marten@Stairport I've redownloaded the plugin and reset the templates, and the jetways are a bit closer to the door. However, they're still pretty offset
  10. Hello! I've just updated to SAM 1.1.0, and I tried adding bridges to some of my sceneries (using the guide.) However, I found that changing the bridge height doesn't change the pillar height. Is this a bug? Edit: Nevermind, the pillars were another object.
  11. @Marten@Stairport I have updated both SAM (1.1.0) and the A350, and I am getting the same results. I am using the Glass Type 2 (3.5 and 4.0) templates, which should be the correct templates.
  12. I've updated the A350, but the jetway location for both jetways haven't changed at all...
  13. I've tried importing the apt nav data, and it works! Thank you so much, @Ron Baruah!
  14. Hello! I've been wanting to implement SAM into some sceneries that I found on the Gateway, but those sceneries don't seem to show up in WED (airport not detected.) Those sceneries show up in OverlayEditor, but some SAM objects use the .agp file type. Because of this, OE won't allow me to add them into the scenery. Is there a way to add those objects into the scenery? Thanks!
  15. I've replaced the XML file, but the jetways are still in the same position. I've also reloaded the templates, but with no luck. Edit: I've also tried connecting to another gate at the same airport, and with a gate at a different airport. However, the position is still incorrect
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