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  1. Well I have another idea, what if you would add the possibility to choose the door option „any“. This will let the jetway connect to nearest door if aircraft has more then one door and in Plugin in Auto Mode or if Plugin is in manual mode, let the user decide to which door in Range of the jetway should be connected. Just an idea, don’t know how much coding that will result in, but it would solve problems if there are two jetways at a gate and working with LF1/LF2 identifiers only.
  2. Hello, I have noticed, that the IDs you assign to a jetway or VSDG will be automatically entered from the previous one when you edit already added jetways/VDGS resulting in doubling IDs which could lead to confusion when using Jetways and don't change it manually. Best Regards Lukas
  3. Hello, as you can see in the attached picture the safe dock display won't display the 2 of A320 when the small aircraft identification will be visible. Best regards Lukas
  4. Today I as a was playing around, I noticed a problem with the Visual Docking Guidance System visibility. As you see on the pictures as I was approaching the gate, but I could not see any guidance on the VDGS. The guidance appeared on the VDGS screen. has appeared only when I was about 2 meters away from the stopping point. Approaching Gate Position no guidance visible. approaching stopping point still no guidance 01M away from stopping point guidance visible. I've used the safegate 5m object. Log.txt SAM.log Best Regards Lukas
  5. The more I think about the idea multiple door connection one jetway, the more I see the problems behind it and understand that it's not realizable for an upcoming update. By the way this never was my intention, just wanted to see whether its possible or not. But I see the plug-in's limitation on that on, but nevertheless it would be cool to find a way someday to realize it.
  6. Well of course If conditions will be difficult if there are two jetways at a gate and they will get in conflict with each other. But If you asign only one door connection to each jetway, even though there would be the possibility to select two door connection point for one jetway there won't be any problem, so you don't even have to check the amount of jetways at gate. You just have to put a notice to the manual somewhere, to set only one door point for multiple jetways. But if only have one jetway and it would be possible to set up two door connections, there won't be such problems interfering only in Auto mode. As I understand correctly the logic now is something like this: Flying the A320 for example leads plug in to look for jetways assigned to LF1, but finds LF1 and LF2, LF2 not possible for aircraft, so it greys out the jetway LF2 connect button or in auto mode will auto connect to LF1. (I don't see a problem here). Flying the A330, it will see LF1 and LF2 in vincity, shows up both connection buttons and user can choose which door to connect (no problem so far to my mind). Only in auto mode plug-in won't know to which door to connect.
  7. Hi Marten, thanks for the fast response. Then I'll have to hope, that many users will ask for that feature :-D Is it really a so complex logic? Because to me it looks like the plug-in will already check which jetways are in the vicinity of the aircraft, so you already have a check how many jetways are at a gate. Furthermore it looks like the plug in already checks which doors the aircraft has as it greys out the jetway options which are not available/ in range for the used AC Type. So to my mind the main logic should already be there to decide which to connection jetway to multiple doors. But that are just my two cents as a layman in programming.. Best regards Lukas
  8. Hello, first thank you for the hard work you have put into this amazing plug-in. Today I tried to set up a scenery with your default jetways. As I was playing around one question appeared. So is there a way to set multiple door connection points (e.g.: LF1, LF2) to only one jetway object? I was at a position which only featured one jetway, but which is used for A330 and A320 for example. Because in real the A320 would be boarded via LF1, but the A330 would normally boarded via LF2 if there is only one jetway, this option would be cool to have. But I didn't find a way to set up 2 door locations, because you can select the jetway object only once and add only one door location at a time in the editor tool. Or did I miss this option? Best Regards Lukas
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