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  1. Could someone please make an ANA livery for the 737-700? that would be much appreciated. Thanks
  2. Roger, thanks for your great work as always
  3. Hello guys, I noticed that the capacity of the zibo 737 and 737-900ultimate is wrong compared to the real one.. Infact in the zibo 737 the fuel capacity is only 20900 kgs, while the real one should have a capacity of around 25000/26000 kgs.. can you guys please fix that?
  4. Nope, apparently this only happens on the zibo 737 / 737U
  5. Hello I have a big issue that happens on the 737 zibo / ultimate.. after a while that I'm in the air the view panning starts to stutter, making the sim very slow only when I pan the view using my mouse even if frames stays high when I don't pan the view (this does not happens when panning the view with arrows, joystick hat switch or when using X-Camera plugin).. the strange thing is that this happens only after a while that I'm in the air, usually when starting to descend or so.. please help guys!
  6. My first flight sim was X-Plane 8.. I remember I was not even able to land that plane and all I did all the time was taking off in the a380, flying around and crashing.. then I started to be an aviation fan and I interested in Flight Sim so I decided to buy X-Plane 11 :)
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