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    This is the platform rewrite promised, currently Windows only, but with builds coming for Mac and Linux soon. Featuring a vast array of different features, SimToolkitPro is aimed at all abilities, whether you are a beginner who wishes to quickly train themselves, or an advanced user looking to practice their flying technique. Features Fully automatic detection and plugin installer Automatic sim connection Network connection support Full Airport Database Landing and Approach practice system with weather presets Flight plan overlay on live map Network flight viewer supporting VATSIM/IVAO and Pilotedge Swift Clean UI Mod Installer Wind calculator with real weather lookup Navaid viewer and information Tiered update system (not automatic) Full flight plan viewer with SID/STAR parsing Coming Soon Mac and Linux Support X-Plane Scenery Manager Custom aircraft profiles This is the evolution of the initial release on here, this electron based platform allows faster bug fixing, deployment and far better cross platform support. SimToolkitPro is in a stable alpha state and currently needs your feedback to make it more accurate and provide more valuable information when reporting. It is being actively developed and has a discord group for support available from within the software. Feedback will be used to improve compatibility with payware aircraft, usability in general, changes to UI and add features people want to see in this free toolset. For more active developments, please join the following links Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/simtoolkitpro Discord : https://discord.gg/JwjUer4 Facebook : http://facebook.com/simtoolkitpro Website: http://simtoolkitpro.co.uk If you find SimToolkitPro useful and want to contributre towards development and server costs you can do so here - https://www.paypal.me/simtoolkitpro


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