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    A lovely updated scenery for Calvi, great job sir!
  1. Hey all! With all the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) troubles the world is currently facing developers have been launching sales faster than many can keep up with so I have created a sales roundup to find all the deals around. This spreadsheet took loads of work and wasn't possible without the help of the amazing @acarter87 and @Recoil. The first sheet is the aircraft sales and the second is the scenery sales. Apologies for the tables being so skinny, there isn't anything I can do about it I recommend you open the document up in another window. I Only embedded it for those who don't like to read Have fun with your new purchases! Stay safe all, Luke
  2. Hey all, The latest developer blog has now been released, you can read it below: https://www.vfrdesigns.co.uk/2020/03/05/dev003/ Release is slowly edging, closer
  3. Hi there, for support with SAM, I recommend you join the SAM club and ask for support there . https://forum.thresholdx.net/forum/145-general-discussion/
  4. Hey all, besides writing for Threshold, I do scenery design in my spare time. My current project is Bellingham, located in Washington, USA. Currently there is no planned release date but I am hoping for within 2020. Linked below are updates where I have taken these images from on our website - https://www.vfrdesigns.co.uk/ https://www.vfrdesigns.co.uk/2019/07/30/dev001/ & https://www.vfrdesigns.co.uk/2019/09/05/dev002/ I look forwards to sharing developments with you
  5. looks amazing dude! amazing work
  6. nice work, keep it up, can't wait to fly to the final product!
  7. Thanks for the recommendation sir, I have already seen this and it didn't look too hard, I'm just wondering about things that aren't jetways, does it make it much harder to animate?
  8. Hey all, I was wondering how complicated it would be to make one of these custom objects for my scenery. Would it be to hard to code to work with SAM? Thanks in advance
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