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  1. Hey, could you show me your file path of the GE Textures in the livery? Cheers
  2. Hi there, this mod is purely textures, this cannot cause issues with engines not starting. Unfortunately your issue if not related with my file. My advice would be to either seek support from the author of the GE mod (@cardajowol) or get a fresh, vanilla copy of the A330 and try reinstalling the mod and see if this rectifies your issues. Sorry I can't be of any further help, but I hope this clarifies it a bit for you. Thanks, Luke
  3. You can join the Discord with this link https://discord.gg/Xgc2PSd
  4. Not entirely sure, but those look like some of my engine liveries, if you read the description right at the top it tells you with version you need, if you download the latest version for the update, it should work
  5. This thread is over a year old and the update has already released unfortunately.
  6. Ah, the issue is that you are running the engine with the new paintkit and that engine livery hasn't been updated yet. As those textures seem not to be recieving an update any time soon in the future for the updated paintkit, I'll make on for Iberia and add it to my pack for the updated paintkit version. I'll let you know when you I have updated so you can download it
  7. File has now been updated, read top of description to find out which version you require
  8. Hi there, I released a fix for my livery pack today
  9. I have seen that users on the newer version of the engine mod may be having issues due to the paint kit being updated, an update is incoming for those users, the original version shall stay online for users who are still using that too, hopefully shall be released in a few hours
    A very nice ortho package but installation isn't the smoothest, as it is distributed through Mega it is 10 or so separate ZIP installations and unzips, took me the best part of 5 hours from download to installed. It is very nice looking in sim, and I would say worth the effort, just hope in future versions installation would be made easier, as I do realise this is still in very early stages
  10. Hey there @pilotkrish that obviously isn't right, I am not sure why you would be getting such an error, I'd like to try help resolve this error for you. Could you send a screenshot of what the error looks like in the simulator ie. what the engine looks like and one of your folder structure to the engines please, cheers!
  11. Well your call was answered: https://www.thresholdx.net/news/mfsrd
  12. (Hello this topic was moved here so there it is seen by the correct people)
  13. Version 1.0


    An adaptation of the default Flight Factor 757 DHL Livery, changed to represent the special livery DHL has produced, thanking key workers during the COVID-19 Pandemic. This livery is based off of the default Flight Factor 757 Freighter livery. I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy but it is very close Any questions, comments or complaints do let me know in the comments If you enjoy please do leave a nice review
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