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  1. Not halted completely, but slow, it will come out, no idea if it will be this year, or in 5 years, I'm trying to continually improve every part.
  2. Version 1.0


    This is a representation of the newly repainted A321 NEO (G-XATW) of Titan Airways, being Wet Leased to the UK Government for VIP Transport. Featuring: Compatible with latest ToLiss A321 update with cockpit selcal plate. All textures DDS for best loading times with X-Plane 11.50 onwards. Improved wing textures and normal mapping (courtesy of Sam Wise). Improved fuselage normal mapping (courtesy of Sam Wise). Textures for @cardajowol LEAP Engine mod, which I highly recommend. Custom made markings on ports and sensors Custom made markings on over wi
  3. Does this link work for you? https://discord.gg/Xgc2PSd
  4. Version 1.0


    This is a custom made DHL/European Air Transport livery for the FlightFactor 757 RF. This is not based on the default livery and is completely custom made. Includes custom cockpit registration placard and custom Rolls Royce engine logos. Unfortunately the logo placement is incorrect as the mapping for the aircraft prevents the logo being in the correct space as the stripes would not have enough space above the wing due to the modelling of the aircraft. The placement is a compromise and still looks fine If you spot any errors or inconsistencies, let me know in the comments!
  5. Version 1.1


    This is a fleet pack for British Airways' current A321 NEOs. Thanks to @Aliboy for constantly reminding me to complete this and for helping complete the selcals . Featuring: Compatible with latest ToLiss A321 update with selcal.png. Includes improved wing textures and normals, (courtesy of Sam Wise). Includes textures for @cardajowol LEAP Engine mod, which I highly recommend. Custom markings on ports and sensors Custom markings on over wing exits Second plugged exit made less visible Includes all present British Airways A321 Regs: G-NEOP,
  6. Hey, could you show me your file path of the GE Textures in the livery? Cheers
  7. Hi there, this mod is purely textures, this cannot cause issues with engines not starting. Unfortunately your issue if not related with my file. My advice would be to either seek support from the author of the GE mod (@cardajowol) or get a fresh, vanilla copy of the A330 and try reinstalling the mod and see if this rectifies your issues. Sorry I can't be of any further help, but I hope this clarifies it a bit for you. Thanks, Luke
  8. You can join the Discord with this link https://discord.gg/Xgc2PSd
  9. Not entirely sure, but those look like some of my engine liveries, if you read the description right at the top it tells you with version you need, if you download the latest version for the update, it should work
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