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  1. I am doing a world tour with VPA and one of the required destinations is OOFD (Fahud) Oman. This airport is not in the XPlane11 scenery unfortunately. I was wondering, why subject airport is not present. As far as I know, OOFD is in the FS9 and FSX sims. It is also in the Navigraph charts. Any advice would be appreciated. Best regards, Miklos
  2. Hello All, I have a message in my FMS after starting XPlane 11. I have noticed it in the B737 series aircraft. Both in the standard as well as in the Zibo mod. "CORUPTED NAV DATA" Could someone give me any ideas on this. It has only been happeneing in the last few days of flying. Thank you. Best regards, Miklos Cserny
  3. Hello All, When programing and flying the Zibo 738 B737-800X, I have the following problems with the FMC. When trying to set up the Take Off Reference, there are no QRH figures, so I just have to guess the V1, VR and V2 figures. The CG is automatic (26.1%) but no trim factor read out. Any help would be appreciated. Best regards, Miklos
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