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  1. Indeed, I read few comments... well. In the same time, MilViz is not obliged to release an aircraft on the XP market if they don't want to... weird situation. "0 day(s) since the latest flight sim drama", I guess
  2. Damn... "decent level of systems" and "default FMS" for that price ? Is it a joke ?
  3. Hi everyone, I just read the announce of the crowdfunding here in the news... So, a crowdfunding could be a nice option for nearly everything, but how to read their project ? 135CAD for an ATR72-600 on XP is already a thing by itself but is there any info about the "level"of the sim ? Sure, it's looks really nice but system wise ? It smells like they don't want to do it and since our lovely XP is a living platform for the best or the worse, this addon could be the DC6 brother: no update, nearly no support for ages. What are your thoughts ?
  4. Hi guys, The latest news annnounces the Citation 525A from TorqueSim but listed here as AFM's 525. I guess you are talking about the same project since there is a joint venture between them, right ? So, AFM or TorqueSim ? Thanks for your time, Christophe
  5. Hi guys, Are you sure about the AirfoilLabs & ASDG projects ? A status like "Confirmed" is quite misleading IMHO. Thanks for maintaining this spreadsheet BTW.
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