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  1. Turns out my IDM doesn't detect G drive but I'm assured they're working on it.
  2. I've been to that link, Google Drive so many times - have yet to come away with a download. It tells me there's too much to scan for virus - I tell it go ahead anyway - end of conversation.
  3. I've searched for this and find their 'debut' very stealthy. Nothing new on their site so where is this info?
  4. I'm using v2.4 but it's beginning to go pear-shaped so am asking if these developers are operating anywhere other than 'Facebook'. They were on the .org payware site then seem to have abandoned it. Supposedly there's a v2.5 in the works - got my fingers crossed.
  5. Since Orbx released their GB series, I've been looking around for something on airports in the UK. A site ukga.com has a very useful 'where are the airports' map. It's a free sign-up and well worth a look.
  6. The speed, or lack of, getting the Kingair 350ti finished is remarkably similar to the Milviz version - signed up for that long time ago.
  7. olderndirt

    GB North

    Much as I hate to say it - it appears, to this new owner at least, the texture quality of the previous two issues is missing from 'North'. Not so much in the Highland areas but along the coastlines, where the other two showed impressive detail, we have less than default quality. It's all too technical for me but I know total file size is growing and perhaps some limiting economies have been tried. I did call it to their attention.
  8. A thing that's been bothering me as I play with the 'Reshade me' and 'FSEnhancer' plugins is how, as soon as you add cloud coverage from a clear condition, what appears to be a built in feature of XP - ground shadows from clouds - kicks in and everthing goes dull again. Wonder if there's a way around this?
  9. FWIW discovered the problem - self inflicted. If you assign the 'collective' function to another button/slider/what have you, the throttle axis will not switch from helicopter to fixed wing.
  10. Here's a question. The other day I flew a helo in the sim and the throttle worked correctly in the 'pull' mode rather than the normal push. Next flight, fixed wing, throttle remains in the pull mode and nothing I've tried can change it - supposedly an automatic switch but it didn't. The 'axis reverse' changes the direction of the blue line but nothing in the sim. All checks are normal so what am I doing wrong? This is XP11.25 - Saitek X52.
  11. Both are extensive, download wise but their utility FTXCentral does the heavy lifting. These are the best sceneries Orbx has produced and the third part, GB north, is coming shortly. Derwent Water, part of the Lake District in Cumbria, UK.
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