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  1. I've tried every which way but the Yellow/Blue vertical tape still shows on the right side of the PFD.
  2. I've fought a losing battle with "scenery_packs.ini" for a couple of year now and was wondering if there was a definitive, foolproof method of getting those items to stay in place. I've tried several solutions even buying into 'XOrganiser' but nothing seems to work for long. A lot of time has been spent rearranging things with airports/scenery areas (Orbx)/libraries/meshes and it all looks terrific. A couple of flights later I find my selected airport missing because it's no longer in the airports section at the top. It seems like a similar system to old FSX and I never had trouble with th
  3. I'm still uncertain if the plane has a steerable tailwheel or if it casters full time. I know there's no lock. Another concern is one wing trying to fly ahead of the other. The rocking motion induced often requires a serious amount of aileron to correct. Not sure if this is the narrow gear making it tippy or if it's pilot induced. Anyway it usually results in the actual line of flight being quite different from runway heading. FWIW I owned and flew taildraggers for forty years.
  4. Just loaded up your latest version - better than ever. A question about engine sound - sounds quite growly for a little O235 Lycoming.
  5. A salute to the magical painting by Keith Ferris.
  6. For those planning a purchase/download in the immediate future prepare for a wait, bring a sandwich. On FTX Central today 10 hours total but it's a beaut.
  7. Freeware Hughes 500D - on .org downloads - updated to v11.3. Looks and flies very well and some additional liveries by Paul Mort on the same site.
  8. Is this a 'Thranda' conversion or a Carenado original?
  9. They've certainly redeemed themselves with 2.5.
  10. Turns out my IDM doesn't detect G drive but I'm assured they're working on it.
  11. I've been to that link, Google Drive so many times - have yet to come away with a download. It tells me there's too much to scan for virus - I tell it go ahead anyway - end of conversation.
  12. I've searched for this and find their 'debut' very stealthy. Nothing new on their site so where is this info?
  13. I'm using v2.4 but it's beginning to go pear-shaped so am asking if these developers are operating anywhere other than 'Facebook'. They were on the .org payware site then seem to have abandoned it. Supposedly there's a v2.5 in the works - got my fingers crossed.
  14. Since Orbx released their GB series, I've been looking around for something on airports in the UK. A site ukga.com has a very useful 'where are the airports' map. It's a free sign-up and well worth a look.
  15. The speed, or lack of, getting the Kingair 350ti finished is remarkably similar to the Milviz version - signed up for that long time ago.
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