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  1. Version 1.0.5


    ANA R2-D2 livery for the new v5 787-9 Magknight Fuselage This is for the latest fuselage that has been released in version 1.6.7-alpha10. As the title says: This is for version 1.6.7+. This will not work correctly with any previous version. Livery settings file is included and set up with the correct information. You can also get the ANA Cabin soundpack that I created for that livery here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/60194-all-nippon-airways-announcement-soundpack-magknight-787/ Since I started to use XP1
  2. Yeah that was the Issue! Thank you very much! I totaly have overseen that library.txt file in the Scenery Folder! When I remove the libray.tx file everything works fine again! But is this file needed for the SAM seassoning wet textures?
  3. Hello latly I am getting these weird Issue where I always get an object load issue in some sceneries? For this exemple I wil mention Aerosoft EDDB nad RJCW. For some reasons when I use EDDB I get the error that the Marshaller from RJCW cannot be loaded? This Issue also appears on some other airports that uses SAM? 0:01:47.968 E/OBJ: OBJ read failed: the file path Custom Scenery/Japan_RJCW_Wakanai/dockings/types/marshaller_01.OBJ could not be opened. 0:01:47.968 E/SCN: Custom Scenery/EDDB Berlin Brandenburg v1.0.1/Earth nav data/+50+010/+52+013.dsf: 0:01:47.968 E/SYS: MACIBM_alert
  4. Hello Yes with that version everything is working again. Now the Static Aicraft helper popup also shows on the start.
  5. Since I updadet to SAM 2.1.0 there are no Jetways sound´s played anymore? In the Authouring tool I even can´t select one anymore? XP11.50r1 SAM 2.1.0 Log.txt
  6. Hello With SAM 2.0.6 I have a weird issue with GPU, it won't work properly anymore. As you can see in the video with the ToLiss it tries to connect the GPU over and over again, a similar issue also happens with the ZIBO. I don't have that issue if I go back to 2.0.5. Also, this problem happens as soon as SAM 2.0.6 is installed I don't need to stand on an SAM Jetway gate or a Scenery with SAM. Video: SAM LOG: SAM.log
  7. Hello, maybe someone is so kind and can help me pleas? Right now after I added SAM to my RJTT Scenery I am working on adding SAM to my RJAA Scenery. I am using the Solid2 jetways and startet to repaint them to look like the ones in RJAA. But I am having a very bad time finding thr right places for the Boarding bridge Curton! Do any of you know where are all the places for it in the Texture file? I managed to find alot so far but, it took me 2 day´s so far and some of the parts are very near too other parts so its very difficult.
  8. For me the SAM jetway´s do not connect to any Static Aircrafts! Any idea how to fix this? Also alot of Aicrafts have blank livery? Screenshot is taken in SFD EDDM.
  9. For me the SAM jetway´s do not connect to any Static Aircrafts! Any idea how to fix this? Also alot of Aicrafts have blank livery? Screenshot is taken in SFD EDDM.
  10. Hello I also have the same problem, could not find a solusion so far....T_T The poles only dont show on the ADB safegates?
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