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  1. Oh you have misunderstood. This was just a learning process for me. You rplugin and the provided jetways are amazing! Thank you for enhancing our sim with such a great and long awaited solution. Vielen Dank und LG aus Wien!
  2. I guess you have won your bet! That indeed was the problem. This issue is neither addressed in the written tutorial nor in the video. The out of limits problem that can be checked by the "Forcefully connect JW" is something different than the animation not starting, due to the limits being to low. Thank you very much! However I have also discovered, that you have to add the SAM objects into a scenery-group on WED - otherwise it doesn't work. Might be obvious for those regularly dealing with WED. But just simply dragging it and saving didn't work for me.
  3. Hello! I am trying to use SAM with some freeeware sceneries and currently implementing it into LOWW. (for personal use - I am not the author) I have placed the Jetway and cocking system with WED like shown in the tutorial. Also have I activated the scenery for SAM inside the Authoring tool. I followed all the steps to setup the Jetway and Docking system. All sliders work; I can set limits and initial positions. The DGS works when taxiing into the stand. However the most important feature doesn't work - the jetway movement. Beacon light is OFF, no fuel flow. Aircraft is within limits and the "temparary disable automatic movement" Box is unchecked. However the Jetway simply does not extend to the door. I also cannot do it manually by unchecking the "automatically connect jetway" in the interface menu and pressing the "Connect Stand01" button as it is shown, but not available. I have reloaded both Sim and Scenery and tried SAM at supported airports. The plugin is working fine at AS LSZH for example. I really have no idea why it isnt working for me. Is anybody able to help me with my problem?
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