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  1. Fahud OOFD, Oman - Departing for Athens in a Cherokee (or whatever piper are going to call it now?). Not that cool!
  2. OOFD Fahud regional, Oman is now on my Projects Page as a first draft test model at: http://www.pterosaur.org.uk/Xplane10/SmallScenery/Projects.html The Gateway airport has not yet been added to XP. This scenery model will work OK if installed in Custom Scenery. It will need an update when the Gateway Model is live, to iron out any conflict issues. I will add a ReadMe.txt file then. The Draft file is fully editable in WED. Fahud is a new airport and this model is an attempt to bridge the gap between reality and the XP scenery install lag between updates. Enjoy!
  3. Someone has requested a Gateway version insert. My custom addition is a drop in for anyone to use when I put it on-line. It is looking reasonable at present. Still a few tweaks to do.
  4. Terminus building first draft.
  5. I have laid the runway and tarmac. What quality of scenery do you expect?
  6. It is not on the XP sim and I cannot find a current XP11 model of this airport. It needs creating 168m msl, 13/31 - 2560m asphalt runway Contact me: http://www.pterosaur.org.uk/Xplane10/index.htm Needs a bit of work
  7. I have just loaded a stater kit onto my projects page which is an XP11 basic add-on for Hadrian's Wall. Just for fun - users can develop it to suit their own needs - (no restrictions). http://www.pterosaur.org.uk/Xplane10/SmallScenery/Projects.html The pink stone and 71m high antennae at each major feature can be restored to natural coloured stone walls and normal terrain when you have explored the extent of the wall. Fly microlight from Carlisle or from Currock Hill.
  8. You do not say if you are using the LR downloadable version, a disc copy or the Steam version.
  9. Option 1 - Learn how X-Plane uses the scenery_packs.ini file http://www.pterosaur.org.uk/Xplane10/Setup/Problem_Solving/Problems.html Option 2 - Get the payware version of XOrganizer https://store.x-plane.org/xOrganizer-v2_p_943.html Option 3 - Always keep a second copy of X-Plane on your computer - Just in case anything goes wrong with the main version. Sounds like something is messing up the files. My solution is to name all airport folder names with A-Airport Code-Airport Name, for example: A-NVVV-Bauerfield International If you then delete th
  10. Avitab is a piece of software that can be switched on and off. I usually activate it in the cockpit, but have also used it in external view when wanting to follow map locations. It tends to sit on screen where you put it. My preference it to have it in the top corner of my left side screen on a triple screen setup.
  11. Realistic flight models are more important than eye-candy.

  12. Hi New to this forum, I am an airport scenery designer who needs to develop scenery tiles. Ortho4XP seems the obvious place to start. Free Website http://www.pterosaur.org.uk/Xplane10/index.htm ICL1400, FSX, MSF, XP10 and onwards.......XP11
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