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  1. 'Clearly X-Plane is dead and you will be moving on and not look back at any of this.' Respectfully, you are wrong on that one - and thank you for the link - which I have listened to, and found it a very interesting conversation. I have not pre-ordered FS20 and have no plans to do so. I was fortunate enough to get on the Alpha program on the 2nd trawl so have had it on my system since January. Respecting the NDA I am under, I won't say why I won't be buying into it, however I had already come to my own conclusion with the question that the Podcast started with - is it ready! Whether I will indulge myself sometime in the future remains to be seen, but it's not a priority. I did buy into P3D v5 some months ago but XP is my sim of choice and I spend over 95% of my flightsim time in it, and know because of all the features that it has got right, will continue to do so. I sincerely hope you and the team manage to resolve the remaining issues and can release the update for all, myself included, who are waiting. I can quite understand the challenges you are under in as much that it must be almost impossible to create an update when the goal posts move week by week, as well as battling against limitations set by XP itself. I wish you well, and I am still with you.
  2. I think one of the dangers is that some/many might start losing interest! From this thread it seems 1.14 was started on Oct 30th 2019. To quote Cpt Kitten in the first thread post 'If we were to get everything to where we want it to be before we release we would not be releasing for another 6 months at the earliest' It is almost 8 months now - and we have had to be content with a succession of images that 'may not reflect the final product'. And looking at what was not promised, the same post said:- 'So this update will NOT include: VR multi monitor Night environment or any other elements on the roadmap free beer (sorry)' And most importantly, somewhere in the thread it was said that this update would not cover Vulkan, that would wait until update 1.15 or 1.16. Looking at the bigger picture, FS2020 is 3 weeks away. It has volumetric clouds that look the deal. P3Dv5 has been released and it's TrueSky incorporation has been done well and gives volumetric clouds and very acceptable visuals. And possibly/probably XP12 will be announced this Autumn, and they know what they have to do - and weather/clouds will be on their agenda. Vulkan is at beta16 and a release candidate will not now be too far off. When it goes non beta, I expect the majority of the XP community will then upgrade (I fly 95% of the time in the beta releases with few or no issues). So when 1.14 is released, who is it being released to? Personally, I don't want to go back to 11.41 and inferior frame rates & stutters that Vulkan addresses. We will then apparently have to wait for another few weeks/months for a workable upgrade to Vulkan? And the flight community may have moved on or be waiting for an XP12 release before Christmas - that is speculation! I say all this not as criticism or to be negative, I think XEnviro is a terrific addon, but, given the bigger picture I have to ask - is it in danger of missing the boat?
  3. Well, 11.41 is not really an older version of XP. It is the last stable version. Everything that has come after it, including the present 11.50 beta11 is a beta. I have had plugins that worked in one beta and stopped in the next beta! That is the nature of beta's. I expect the Xenviro team is waiting for the release version of 11.50. If they develop for Vulkan now, as far as they know, the goal posts may keep changing - so time & effort will be wasted.
  4. The last released version was (and is) 1.13. They are currently working on 1.14. This will hopefully resolve a few issues with 1.13 and increase frame rates. The plan after that is to develop it (1.15?) to be Vulkan compatible. The current version does not work in Vulkan and as I understand it, neither will the next release 1.14. The screen shots above show current development of 1.14. Hope this answers the question. They all work in Win10.
  5. Love the layers - looking really good.
  6. Yes that looks very very good indeed - I think it will work out to have been well worth the wait.
  7. It certainly gives a WOW factor!
  8. Those last 2 pics look absolutely amazing - puts 2020 and P3Dv5 under a cloud!
  9. Just seen that P3D are releasing ver 5 on April 14th. They too are going for volumetric clouds and by the looks of the short video - using similar approach. Personally, though I do have the Alpha Tech (FS2020) on my computer, XP11/12 will be my core and main sim. I think XEnviro will take XP to the level we've been waiting for in a flightsim. It's looking tremendous. Well done team.
  10. That is really good and essential advice Captain Kitten. I have a separate XP installation for Beta's and testing - I learned my lesson a long time ago! Just about to look at 11.50b1 now. With the screenshots above, really looking forward more and more to using 1.14 in 11.41. Yorkshire
  11. This continues to look outstanding - and worth waiting for whenever. Keep up the good work and keep safe.
  12. Great images - multiple layers look impressive - who needs FS2020!!!
  13. Those clouds do look excellent. Despite the issues and the wait, have never regretted buying into XEnviro (came in at 1.11). Thanks for the update Magnus and the work of the team. Respect the honesty and transparency. Yorkshire
  14. A speculative answer - but possibly about 2 or 3 weeks after 11.50 is released; ie, Vulkan
  15. For me, 1.12 is a massive step forwards. Was thrilled to fly above the clouds here in UK and see no pixellation effects on top of the clouds. Loved the ground Autumn effect - caught it just right. All in all, a great improvement, and congratulations to the team and their hard work. It will now be my default weather system!
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