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  1. Yes that looks very very good indeed - I think it will work out to have been well worth the wait.
  2. Those last 2 pics look absolutely amazing - puts 2020 and P3Dv5 under a cloud!
  3. Just seen that P3D are releasing ver 5 on April 14th. They too are going for volumetric clouds and by the looks of the short video - using similar approach. Personally, though I do have the Alpha Tech (FS2020) on my computer, XP11/12 will be my core and main sim. I think XEnviro will take XP to the level we've been waiting for in a flightsim. It's looking tremendous. Well done team.
  4. That is really good and essential advice Captain Kitten. I have a separate XP installation for Beta's and testing - I learned my lesson a long time ago! Just about to look at 11.50b1 now. With the screenshots above, really looking forward more and more to using 1.14 in 11.41. Yorkshire
  5. This continues to look outstanding - and worth waiting for whenever. Keep up the good work and keep safe.
  6. Great images - multiple layers look impressive - who needs FS2020!!!
  7. Those clouds do look excellent. Despite the issues and the wait, have never regretted buying into XEnviro (came in at 1.11). Thanks for the update Magnus and the work of the team. Respect the honesty and transparency. Yorkshire
  8. A speculative answer - but possibly about 2 or 3 weeks after 11.50 is released; ie, Vulkan
  9. For me, 1.12 is a massive step forwards. Was thrilled to fly above the clouds here in UK and see no pixellation effects on top of the clouds. Loved the ground Autumn effect - caught it just right. All in all, a great improvement, and congratulations to the team and their hard work. It will now be my default weather system!
  10. The autumn shots look really interesting. I remember asking a question at Cosford when XP11 was first announced about seasons. The reply from Austen was that sometime in the future but they were not going down the (FSX) route of different texture sets but rather to use a method of changing pixels. Looks like you're doing the job for them! I am heartened by the possibility that you are including this in the current development phase - perhaps 1.12. I'd always presumed this would be in something like 2.0 and we would have to pay extra for as a new release! Agree with the previous post - does look like the whole emphasis is on flight model tweaks and not enough on the environmental engine. Hopefully FS2020 will give a spur to a more holistic approach to the programme - it looks like tough competition ahead. As a relatively new purchaser of Xenviro, which I do enjoy and fly with most of the time, I look forward to the continuing dvt, especially minimising (or eliminating) the cloud pixellation when viewed from above. I certainly regard it as a worthwhile investment and addon.
  11. Totally understand your position due to the reasons you explain - thanks for the reply.
  12. You keep these mouth watering images coming. They look outstanding and I think equal and eclipse any cloud rendering software for any flightsim platform in the past - and I have used them all! One question I have. In the long term (maybe version 2?), do you envisage a possibility of incorporating weather themes so that preset weather conditions could be set rather than being only a 'live' weather engine?
  13. I can't tell you how Xenviro will compare with ASXP, but from what I have read and understood, XEnviro has its own integrated weather engine that will create the cloud layers, type and winds. I am pretty sure that you won't be able to use ASXP as the weather generator for the XEnviro clouds. It will probably be a case of deciding which weather engine to use for a particular flight, XEnviro or ASXP. I am sure after release there will be reviews comparing the two systems. I think one benefit of XEnviro will be that you will turn it on as a plugin from within XP11, and not have to start it as an independent programme outside of XP. If I am wrong on any of this, I will be corrected by those who know! Other and much more important benefits will be the Voluminous clouds, snow settling on the ground and runways when appropriate, and the wonderful cloud formations we have already seen in the images posted from the beta team.
  14. It continues to impress, wonderful formations.
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