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  1. Unbelievable cloud formations, wonderful.
  2. Very impressive and certainly looks worth waiting for. Thanks for keeping the dvt shots coming.
  3. The more I see the more I like, and I was impressed when I saw the early development shots when I discovered this site! Looking good and something to look forward to. And I think the team is doing the right thing by not releasing early and ensuring that it will do what it says on the tin. And if that takes another 2-3 months, so be it. I'd rather pay for a polished product that has been tested & tested than one where everyone starts complaining about this or that! Grateful for the supply of screen shots/videos and updates on the developments.
  4. Thanks Magnus for your input, your honesty and obvious respect for other developers. I think it's important to remember that there will probably never be one silver bullet that can do everything we wish for! I for one appreciate the work of all developers as they strive to push the boundaries to enhance our hobby.
  5. Must agree, the snow pictures do look excellent, as are the cloud formations above. I remember when XP11 was first demonstrated and introduced at Cosford Flightsim show two months before its release, I asked a question from the floor about future seasons. Austin said it was on the horizon but they weren't going to go down the texture set route as FSX. They were thinking more of in terms of pixels being changed. It looks as if the XEnviro team have beaten them to it! Certainly impressed that the snow will also settle on Ortho4XP tiles and not just default scenery. That means Orbyx scenery will also be changed. From one picture it seems as if trees turn white too. Very impressive. Really looking forward to this addon.
  6. Amazing pictures, takes it it to a new level.
  7. In view of the last statement, that would seem to suggest that we are looking for a possible release at the end of Q1 at the earliest. Whatever - take your time - it will be worth waiting for.
  8. Thank you for your response. Great shots again - very inspiring.
  9. An absolutely remarkable demonstration of what is to come. I haven't as yet bought into X-Enviro and was just about to get ActiveSky for XP, then came across the development videos and screenshots for XEn 1.10. It was mind blowing and thus decided to wait for this to be released and save my pennies. For me this will be worth every penny. One question, was the snow on the ground over Norway then Denmark actually produced by XEn because weather conditions put snow there? Another related question, will snow thus be laid on top of Orbyx scenery? Previously you stated that it lays on top of Ortho so presumably this will apply to Orbyx. Fantastic job you are doing and this will I think be a game changer. Can't wait for eventual release!
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