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  1. That we have to wait, is what I was talking about. After a full year of waiting for your product to just run smoothly with no visual bugs, we are told to wait by the very people who should know best how long we all have "waited" for a solid product. Seems like we now all have to go get hardware updates only necessary for your software, or wait longer with very little hope that you'd actually fix performance/visuals. xEnviro simply ignores the past and focuses on the future. 4K, by the way, IS THE FUTURE!! That's great if you released products without "known" bugs. But you don't even fix the bugs. I could care less about a demo version. The bold, and sad face came from being told to wait longer if we can't run your product. So yes, I'll never give any more money to this company or website. BOLD. lol @Captain Kitten
  2. Oh wow! BOLD statement to make, I've got to say. Well, while I wait.... I'll happily use other software. Microsoft may just end this issue for us all next year, anyways.
  3. It has been said that it should be a no factor, but knowing xEnviro from the past, the first big glitch - they'll blame Laminar for changing stuff, again (Meanwhile, XE 1.06 & 1.07 worked seamlessly with the LR code changes throughout.) Glad you asked this again, actually. It seems the developers have had to revisit the main plans since the last time this was asked, so maybe that has changed too.
  4. Are the cloud shadows going to make it onto 1.10? How about the shadow shafts below the clouds as mentioned on pg. 5 of this forum? I know a lot has changed through development to this point, so I figured I would ask. Oh, and I see the overcast screen shots, but the few and broken are faint if at all present. The shadows beneath, that is.
  5. I get on here while my sim boots up, see these screen shots, then remember what my sim currently looks like (in relation to weather graphics), and close the sim... I cant forget what I've seen! Make my weather engine great again!
  6. I'm thankful you posted this. Now if this was explained on Youtube a week or two ago, I'll bet it wouldn't have been so vicious! They were like hungry piranha toward xEnviro! I was like, where's all the questions, these are all bashings!? haha
  7. Right now I'd say it's all just a myth. Volumetric clouds are in our imaginations.
  8. That makes sense. I can certainly live without them with the amount of stability and features coming our way! Looking forward to dodging thunder heads with the new clouds. I imagine that'll be some performance hits, but my machine is high-end for this reason! Thanks for the response and my apologies for perhaps ranting myself on the other thread. I'd delete it myself if I knew how or could. @Xephyr & @Captain Kitten Happy Flying!
  9. I remember seeing some pictures toward the beginning of the screen shot posts that included some cloud shadow shafts but haven't noticed them in the later photos. I know it is still a work in progress, but wonder if that was something that was still planning to be implemented. That particular feature isn't listed on the road map or the change logs.
  10. Seem extremely interested on where questions are asked than answering the actual questions. What is it with specifically X-Plane forums that people are so darn anal about where things are posted? Such a ridiculous and minuscule thing to rant over, to be honest. Sure shows a lack of professionalism and customer service. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'd say xEnviro is in the business to make money. Being obnoxious toward customers over where they are asking questions would cause alarm to me if you worked in my company. Just sayin.
  11. Flying real airplanes equipped with strobes in clouds gives you the same thing. Very bright and if you aren't expecting the cloud it can startle ya a little until getting used to it. xEnviro did a good job with the effect in 1.07 and I hope 1.10 will give the same effect. I'm super ready to give these volumetric clouds a whirl in a snowy area, though! I remember seeing some pics way back of cloud shadow shafts... but don't notice them after in later pics. Will those also be included?
  12. Kraken + Root beer + X-Plane (with xEnviro ) = Great Experience... and a Kraken Barrel hahaha (Legally, of course!)
  13. I commend the communication to us, @Captain Kitten! I know I appreciate it, and am probably not alone. Your posts and pics. make the wait not so bad, honestly. Not to take away from the insane amount of anticipation, though!
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