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    This is a modified default RyanAir livery. This is the default RyanAir livery for the 737-700U, the only thing difference are the weathered wings Credits: Captain Kitten - 737-700U and RyanAir livery Thresholdx Forums - 737-700U and RyanAir livery FsCabral - Weathered wing textures Requirements: X-Plane 11 Boeing 737-700U Installation: 1. Click 'Download this file' 2. Double left click the file once it's done installing 3. Select the file, right click it, and select 'cut' 4. Go to X-Plane 11/Aircraft/(your 737-700U folder)/Boeing 737-700U/liveries in your files 5. Right
  2. what the actual F. ill definetely cancel this project LMAO
  3. very hard to explain, I won't go into that because it's a pretty long story
  4. ight, im just making it cause I have troubles with .rar files. this project is for the people like me who have issues with .rar files. this will be a .zip files
  5. Ahoy, epic gamers! I am currently developing a Southwest Airlines Tennessee One livery for @Captain Kitten's 737-700U, stay tuned for that whenever I release it!
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