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    This is a modified default RyanAir livery. This is the default RyanAir livery for the 737-700U, the only thing difference are the weathered wings Credits: Captain Kitten - 737-700U and RyanAir livery Thresholdx Forums - 737-700U and RyanAir livery FsCabral - Weathered wing textures Requirements: X-Plane 11 Boeing 737-700U Installation: 1. Click 'Download this file' 2. Double left click the file once it's done installing 3. Select the file, right click it, and select 'cut' 4. Go to X-Plane 11/Aircraft/(your 737-700U folder)/Boeing 737-700U/liveries in your files 5. Right click anywhere and select 'paste' You should be good to go!
  2. what the actual F. ill definetely cancel this project LMAO
  3. very hard to explain, I won't go into that because it's a pretty long story
  4. ight, im just making it cause I have troubles with .rar files. this project is for the people like me who have issues with .rar files. this will be a .zip files
  5. Ahoy, epic gamers! I am currently developing a Southwest Airlines Tennessee One livery for @Captain Kitten's 737-700U, stay tuned for that whenever I release it!
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