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  1. I really like the simulators. And also I really love spacecraft and space exploration. Which simulator do you think has the most realistic implementation of missiles? In which simulators can you create your own missiles from scratch without developer skills? I would like to create something like Skylark 1. For some reason, I liked this rocket.
  2. Last year, scientists at the University of Washington created a mathematical model for a rotating detonation engine. In a conventional rocket engine, the propellant is burned in a chamber and then ejected through nozzles to create thrust. As was explained in a press release: "A rotating detonation engine takes a different approach to the combustion process. It is made of concentric cylinders. The propellant enters the gap between the cylinders, and after it is ignited, a rapid heat release occurs, which forms a shock wave - a gas pulse with much higher pressure and temperature, which moves faster than the speed of sound." Also at the Princeton Laboratory of Plasma Physics, a new concept for a plasma engine was proposed. Theoretically, this type of engine will speed up space travels by 10 times.
  3. Do you think attempts to create a new type of rocket engine will be successful? Rolls Royce, Boeing and other companies are working on a nuclear engine. Some other companies are trying to find their way and invent new fuels. But there have been no fundamental changes since the first landing on the moon. Do you think it is better to push the efficiency of existing engines to the limit?
  4. VirginOrbit recently successfully launched launch vehicles horizontally from an aircraft. To be more precise, the launch was made from the Cosmic Girl aircraft, which is an upgraded Boeing-747. This is the final result of work that began more than 10 years ago. On this rocket, 10 CubeSats were successfully sent into space. What other interesting satellite launches do you know about?
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