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    This plugin will display vital information like Heading, Airspeed, Altitude, and Vertical Speed. Great plugin for those new to Flight Sim and want to display vital information at finger tip. Here is my video preview. This plugin requires latest version of FlyWithLua 2.7.9. Simply copy the script "Accurate Vital Display.lua" it to the your X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\FlyWithLua\Scripts folder. This script is open source and is maintained through GitHub https://github.com/Simssmith/xplane-accurate-vital-display Future version will include more customization and a key binding to make this windows visible/hide. Feedback appreciated. Special thanks to developer sparker for code contribution. Older version of this plugin can be download from https://github.com/Simssmith/xplane-accurate-vital-display/releases
  2. My first sim was FS back in 90s! I put tons of hour during lunch until school policy caught up and games not allowed in computer lab unless...you wrote it! That is how I started to code. For my career I took the easy way out doing enterprise application instead of game development. I switch to X-Plane around XP11 Beta and never looked back. The FSX days of spending 90% time optimizing and 10% time flying finally came to and end I am enjoying XP because not only I am flying but I have been creating liveries, contributing to gateway airport, tinkering with plugin development, making tutorial video, etc . Edit: Here is a gateway airport I am changing it from 2D to 3D . ICAO: VOMM 20 million passengers per year, about 35,000 passengers and 400 aircraft movements daily Apron II and III done. SpiceJet Hangar done Coast Guard section done.
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