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  1. Hi Coop. That worked. Thanks for your help. John.
  2. Ok. So I reinstalled v 3.0.2 from the store. This was a downgrade as I was using the v 4.0 beta. The problem with the pilots in the cockpit is fixed. Maybe there is an issue with the beta? Should I try reinstalling version 4.0? John.
  3. I looked in the aircraft plugin folder and there is a plugin there called M20R.
  4. I tried deleting the XGS plugin and then loaded up the Mooney and got the same result. See log file attached. Log.txt
  5. Is there a solution? Why didn't this happen before? i.e. What changed? John.
  6. I have this problem too. Using XP 11.33b1. Do you want my log.txt? John.
  7. With 11.30r1, I found that the cursor disappears when hovered over the clickspots. John
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