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  1. Hi all, I am working toward my PPL in the U.S. and have been using flight simulators for 20 years. I currently use X-Plane on a MacPro. I just have the horsepower for MSFS 2020. I originally registered here to upload a livery I made, but figured I would introduce myself and learn a thing or two here.
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    Presenting the A321 depicted in a 1950s version of the fictional Manta livery of YouTuber 320 Sim Pilot. 320 Sim Pilot has hundreds of hours of A320 tutorials on MSFS 2020’s FlyByWire A32NX, the ToLiss A321 on X-Plane, and many other aircraft. This is a X-Plane port of this livery made by Paddy. I couldn’t get the overwing exit paths to show correctly. The are other wing styles in the folder which have one or two exit arrows on the wings, but they won’t show automatically. History as written by Paddy: This look made its debut when Manta took delivery of its first Airbus A320neo on
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