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  1. What is expected for 1.11
  2. Why would there be a need to use ASXP and Xenviro????? They’re a both weather engines?
  3. There are a lot of performance complaints especially on the X plane forum website.. mostly those with agendas ive noticed a trend.. I hope it does not discourage the devs from continuing development on the only true 3d volumetric weather program on any of the major sims. Yes this program is not perfect but i'd take it over the countless B.S weather programs out there that use 2D billboards with constant redrawing and awful effects when flying through clouds not to mention their terrible atmospheric lighting and sky textures that in no way look realistic. Best wishes to the XE team and hopefully with Vulcan they can make strides. P.S speaking of agendas.. I've noticed that the FSElite website refuses to publish that 1.10 has released but continuous to publish releases of another dumpster P3D airport release.
  4. I get 35 FPS all settings maxed out except reflections. gtx 1080 ti i7700k 1080p monitor
  5. WOW THE ATMOSPHERIC LIGHTING IS OUT OF THIS WORLD!! Amazing guys really amazing thank you. Yes there is grain here and there. You guys took a risk and went into uncharted territory of development that most devs don't have the cojones to do so. thank you and I hope the community keeps supporting this product.
  6. Can El Capitan Gato confirm or deny?
  7. Honestly weeks go by when I stop using XPL because the bad weather add ons out there turn me off. I resort to using default weather which is ridiculous.
  8. All quiet on the western front. Any news
  9. Amazing. Simply Amazing. Cpt Kitten please ignore the morons that come on the forum simply to bash your product and compare b56 to b57 and say oh my god the resolution is off!! Without understanding the inner workings of the product. I’ve been following this thread from page 1 and totally understand where you guys are going with it. Thank you
  10. Here here kitty cat here here! Release it
  11. Looks like most of my flights will be delayed as I will deliberately go off course to fly around those bad boys!
  12. I’ll take that over every garbage weather add on I have spent my money on over the years. Thanks for the vid!
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