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  1. I added a second monitor this week, so I could full-screen sim on one, and have charts on the other. In X-Plane Graphics Settings I have Monitor 1 (the monitor in front of me) set to "Full Screen Simulator". The Main Monitor (the monitor to my right) is set to "Unused". In Windows, the monitor in front of me is Monitor 2, the monitor to my right is Monitor 1 and is selected as "Make this my main display". I also have selected in Windows "Extend these Displays". In this configuration, when I try to pop out the Garmin panels, the Garmin pop out is somewhere off screen. Nothing I've tried will get it to pop up on screen. This is problematic for me. If I switch the monitors around in Windows (make the monitor in front of me the main display) and reconfigure X-Plane 11 to use Main Monitor for "Full Screen SImulator" and Monitor 1 to "Unused", the popups display correctly. Is this an artifact of X-Plane itself? The AFM Mooney Ovation III? Weird interaction with Windows?
  2. Do I have to tweak some setting? This has been happening more and more frequently. Clouds appear to be only filling in specific tiles. Very unnatural.
  3. Attempting the I5 on PE in the O3. Naturally, I choose a sunset cruise, right? No panel lights. Have the rocker down on the left 'on' and have tried to turn up both the glareshield and instrument knobs. No luck. Flying blind on 2D popup G1000 instruments. What a gas! But...any way to actually get panel/instrument lights in the 3D cockpit? Note: flashlight doesn't work at all Update: Ignore this...it can be deleted...I blacked out! Forgot the O2. HAHAHAHA
  4. Thanks for the response; I'll leave it out of the plugins folder for now. Appreciate the help!
  5. As in subject, suddenly I'm getting a CTD in XP11 11.21r2 (build 112101 64-bit) with X-enviro 1.09. This was not a problem as recently as Friday afternoon (updated the Mooney and started X-Plane with no problems, exited X-plane, then left for the weekend). Removing the Xenviro folder from /Resources/Plugins allows X-Plane to load and function as normal with the default Laminar C172. I put the Xenviro folder back, then ran the uninstaller. After the uninstaller removed the Xenviro folder and exited, I re-ran the Xenviro installer. Same behavior. I can move Xenviro out of the plugins directory and fly just fine. With it in the plugin director, CTD every time. Log file from latest CTD run attached. Last xEnviroLog attached as well. Help, please? Log.txt xEnviroLog.txt
  6. I had the same thought this morning. As a new owner, there was a bunch of stuff I read through pre-purchase that I'd like to return to and review.
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