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    Some feedback

    Cheers for the speedy response! Good to see user error is still a thing Apologies! One the gate position via aircraft config, I disagree somewhat. Whilst time consuming, I can't imagine a better solution than setting a "default" position, and then use markers depicted on-screen to specify an offset position, and the aircraft codes associated with that offset. JarDesign Ground Handling has a fairly intuitive setup for their object positioning using visual markers, which I feel could benefit in this scenario. Re: The menu. This was a quick draft of what I was thinking. Something that rolls-over when on the ground, and lists the nearest trigger-able objects, and all groups and associated id's. (I didn't really think of the logistics of it all nor the design, but just a quick jot-down. I'll be sure to ask Santa again for the "other" things next year ;D
  2. Delta_Who

    Some feedback

    Another example
  3. Hi, congratulations on the release of SAM. I'm sure is the culmination of a lot of blood, sweat and tears A few queries if I could have your time : 1. Jetways accidentally connecting onto unauthorized ID's I've been messing around with implementing SAM into Aerosoft's Heathrow. As you can see from the image, a Jetway from another gate decided to extend past its limit to connect with the 747. The connection is uncommanded, and only occurs at certain camera angles. 2. Jetway not fully lowered into position on smaller aircraft When using the 5.0m jetway option, it seems the jetway is incapable of lowering to meet the doors height. With a 737, there seems to be an appropriate limit to how far down the Jetway can extend, but with the A320, it should be perfectly within limits. Letting SAM tweak the jetway connection Manual Tweaking Some other quirks : - I might be blind, but I don't really see an option to configure gate configurations dependent on the aircraft type. This is somewhat at a disadvantage if you have several different gate markings for one stand. - This is more on the Laminar side, but trying to slew aircraft using the default map is extremely difficult. Perhaps some simple transform commands would be appropiate here - On a single monitor screen, the SAM interface (not the authoring tool) is rather invasive. I would prefer to see an on-screen option that slides out when in range. - Options for stair tugs and baggage carts? I'm not aware of the roadmap and it may be something you've already considered. - Attempting to connect to Jetway is often a bit fiddly. Sometimes the option is presented on screen, but gates won't connect. Other times, you set a parking position which should be in range, but isn't. Overall, glad to see some steps to replace the old Autogate plugin. P.S. I would love to get some sample files to see how a jetway or autogate is setup and rigged for exporting! SAM.log aircraft.xml
  4. Version 1.1


    DeltaWho Liveries | Flightfactor 767-300 - Air Canada Rouge v1.0 | C-GDUZ To Install -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Simply place the folder "Delta Liveries - Air Canada Rouge" into the liveries folder of your Flightfactor 767PW Liveries folder 2. That's it...easy right? Guide --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [NWL] : No Winglets [WL] : Winglets [SS] : Split Scimitar Winglets [GE] : General Electric Engines [RR] : Rolls Royce Engines [PW] : Pratt and Whitney Engines [CFM] : CFM Engines [SAT] : Satcommns Version Notes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- v1.1 + Now supports GE engines + New base texture (Not perfect and with visual artefacts, but an improvement over the grungy textures) + Corrected graphics, less blurry logos and misplacement + New Interior and Cockpit touchups + Livery includes new normals and textures from the enhancement pack! Creative rights go to Delta_Who. Logos and branding are associated with their respective copyright holders.
  5. Version 1.0


    Delta_Who Liveries | HotStart TBM900 - Silver Wave v1.0 | D-FABT To Install -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Simply place the folder "Delta Liveries - Silver Wave v1.0" into the liveries folder of your TBM 900 Liveries folder 2. That's it...easy right? NOTE : The registration is already pre-made, but you can use the existing registration editor to tailor the livery to your liking! Version Notes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- + Special thanks to Cessnarox for the paintkit, and my congratulations to Totoritko and Goran for an amazing aircraft Creative rights go to Delta_Who. Logos and branding are associated with their respective copyright holders
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    X-Plane Screenshot 2018.07.15 -

    Teach me the ways sensei!
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    A Decent Guide to Crisp Shadows

    I may have to try this. Excellent post my dude!
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    FlyJSIm 727 Series Professional V3

    The new upcoming update for the FlyJSim 727 Series Pro V3.
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    Valletta Sunset


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