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    This latest SAM 2.0 appears to be a Windows centric application. There is no macx64 or linx64 entry on the plugin as there is in the older version. Oh well...... Marten@Stairport Thank you for the update on 2.0. Really enjoy 1.1 and am looking forward to the mac/linux release version. I am positive that my rating will then go where it rightfully belongs....5 stars!!
  1. If you value your copy of X-Plane and all the time and money spent on scenery and aircraft then DO NOT upgrade your Mac to the new Catalina OS. I made this mistake. Catalina insists that it can't load many of my plug-ins and other critical parts of my beloved ZIBO Mod 738 and it is now just a shell of what it was before the change from Mojave to Catalina. Again, upgrade your Mac OS to Catalina at your peril.
  2. To say that you will be missed is the understatement of the year. God bless you and keep you. Best of luck for your future endeavors.
  3. tracer

    737 max

    The 737 MAX isn't even listed under "From the Lab" anymore. Shame. I guess that continued development/release is too far down the food chain. Or abandoned??
    At last! Someone who knows the proper orientation of the US flag on the starboard side of the United livery! It's in the details, you know.
  4. I would like to post a request for the "New" Aer Lingus livery for the Air Bus A 330-200. Thanks for your consideration.
  5. Hello fellow Sim Captains! As a youngster I was enamored with flying. I thought I might enter into the world via military aviation but life took me in other directions. To this day I consider myself an unfulfilled aviator. However, when I discovered flight games and now flight sims for computer I found a gateway into reducing that void. I have been a simmer starting with the Microsoft Flight Simulators and moved to X-Plane 9, 10 and 11 when Microsoft ended new development for their product. I am looking forward "to infinity...and BEYOND!" (quote from the animated character Buzz Lightyear of the movie Toy Story) in the flight sim world. Currently I use an iMac and am a little disappointed that things that are PC available but for Mac....coming soon. Hopefully over time this will become less of an issue. I am an AVID fan of the magnificent Zibo 738 and jump on his latest updates as soon as they are released. I also sim with a JAR A320 NEO and Magknight 787. Boeing gets the nod in North America and the Airbus is called into service for flights in Europe. My favorite livery for Boeing is United Airlines and Lufthansa for Airbus. I am glad to find this forum and look with anticipation to the continued development on the 739 Ultimate so it may become a valued addition to my sim fleet. There are many to thank for our little world and I would like to specifically mention the good folks at Laminar for their X-Plane sim.
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