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  1. Great news, the 737 is one of the things I miss more on the MSFS, and being freeware! Just one question, will interior cabin be also the new one (the last one included by LR I mean)?
  2. Someone with 2560x1440 res? How about performance compared with default?
  3. Really good looking. Glad to see most of Spanish airport include fire trucks on their sceneries. Most of x plane scenery addons has forgot them.
  4. More than a suggestion, it's a question. Does the passenger cabin of the 737-700U will be upgraded with the LR/Zibo 738 one at some point? Thanks!
  5. Some minor bugs I've found. I have completed a flight without any major problems by now. - No tail strobe light - No engine blades texture at night (picture)
  6. Can't activate my route when entering a SID. EXEC button shows the light but doesn't seems to work. It does when entering route points without SID. Route: ENGM ENBR. SID: ATLA5A XP11.32 and W10
  7. Have to keep testing, but 3 consecutive tries with default 737 and zibo, and one of them from runway, and all the jetways worked fine. Just have to try a complete flight. Really thank you for the curren fix and the speed. The door of piaggio hangar, keeps opening as the above image (sam/library/hangar/door40s). but I suppose it's something related to the model. Thank you again Edit: Tested after complete flight and working perfectly
  8. Just done that, and the current log is very similar to the other one... SAM.log Edit: Downloaded SAM again, and worked the first time, but after a flight reload, back to the start, not jetway working. tried 2 more times with same result. Logs are attached SAM.log SAM.log
  9. Here are them. Both issues still present. Piaggio door and jetway not connecting when coming from a flight/runway. I could make a video but I don't think it could help too much. Log.txt SAM.log
  10. Hi. I'm having issues again, this time related to jetways. When coming from a flight or starting on runway with engines on (also short final), cutting fuel flow and turning beacons off doesn't let the Jetway to connect, not even the amber lights are on. However, if you start at stand with engines ON, and cut fuel flow and turn beacon off, the jetway actually works. Tried with Default B737 and Zibo, both with same result, and in different stands. Issues with versions 1.0.4 and 1.0.5 Also, just found this issue. The doors actually goes from closed to open to
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